June 30, 2005

Blogging is where the

Blogging is where the action is. Just ask Cotillion babe Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals, where we found the link to this elegant cartoon by gapingvoid that captures the essence of the blogger's twisted worldview.

"I don't know Miss McMillan, never met her, doubt I ever will, but she's a thousand times pithier and more insightful than the fellows holding down the columnar real estate at the Star-Phoenix," writes Mark Steyn re one of our own, Cotillion babe Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals. It's part -- the most delicious part! -- of an email interview of the great columnist by John Hawkins of Right Wing News [via Scott at Power Line]:

Someone should snap her up just for the sharpness of her headlines, one-line squibs, and nifty asides. It's the same with the Power Line guys vs. the Star-Tribune in Minnesota.

One of the great lessons of the last few years is that journalism schools build their guild mentality at the expense of everything else -- the ability to write, the ability to make an argument, an eye for a story, or even basic curiosity about the world we live in. It's the pomposity of the mainstream press that will do for them: They're simply not as nimble as a fellow like Captain Ed. I should add in fairness that there are those with a foot in both camps -- like the great Michelle Malkin -- who understand the new world very well.

Speaking of sharp headlines, one-line squibs and nifty asides, be sure to read the whole Steyn interview or take the easy route by checking out highlights at our own blogpost "A Berlin airlift of cheap generic Viagra might also be useful."

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