June 28, 2005

Squeeze into your corsets and

Squeeze into your corsets and grab your parasols, it's time for a walk down a historical path for women. I am honored to be co-hosting this week along with the lovely women of Maxed Out Mama, Right Wing Sparkle and Sondra K from Knowledge Is Power. What a show these Women Of The Web put on for you, I'm humbled to be in their presence. Colorado has a long history of women with intense fortitude and how fortunate we are that this mentality is still in existence today. Women going where angels fear to tread.

Crystal from Crystal Clear has an entertaining opinion of parades and how ludicrous they sometimes become. When is it time to say "enough is enough"?

The new Webster dictionary might soon have different definitions, well at least the liberal version might. Darleen at Darleen's Place does a spectacular job of showing us how the true meanings of abuse have been lost.

The always sane Pat of Dr. Sanity tells us how she really feels about polls. She always delivers with a no nonsense message and gives us an enlightening look into the hearts of minds of those who might qualify for therapy.

How do you feel about flag burning? Well, Claire at e-Claire lets you know how she feels about it and the people who do it. Igniting post, no?

Talking to your children about sex is not an easy task. There are so many elements to sexual intimacy and it is too much for children to understand. Christina at Feisty Repartee had to tackle this and did it with honesty and integrity. This is a must read for every parent.

I have a good attorney, really I do. But Fistful of Fortnights tackles the stereotyping of lawyers and why they are so despised. We all know someone who was bent over at the waist because of an attorney but they are a necessary and vital part of our society.

We were all stunned by the recent decision of the Supreme Court that rewrote the Fifth Amendment. Florida Cracker gives her two cents and has some outstanding comments that should be read.

Having a European woman on board has been a blessing. Stefania is aware of news that might otherwise not even hit the right-leaning media here. Her look at recent political developments in Iran and her hope that the Europeans will view Iran with a new level of scrutiny, shows that perhaps there is hope.

Girl On The Right tells of how she use to attend the Gay Pride parade but will not be attending this year because of the political climate now involved with homosexuality. She dives into a recent decision by a school boards definition of homophobia and how being heterosexual has become abnormal.

I have been humbled by this posting of Ilyka Damen's. The ladies of the Cotillion have had to go face-to-face with many liberal feminists as of late. They simply do not like our conservative message and feel that they have complete entitlement of the First Amendment when it comes to women espousing their opinions. Ilyka takes on one in particular that continues to be a thorn in her side. Go to her blog and witness the making of a historical female figure.

We wrap up this party with Lisa at Just A Girl In The World. She explains her insomnia problem and how it's grown on her over the years. (I'm beginning to see a pattern with bloggers and insomnia.) It's a stimulating piece that might even awaken us bloggers who sleep.

Thanks for coming by, do make sure you visit the other hostesses, and know that we will continue to fight the good fight.

Posted by JanetteS at June 28, 2005 12:20 PM

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