June 26, 2005

The Supreme Court is about

The Supreme Court is about to get down and dirty with the Ten Commandments.

(Yes. I know. That statement was wrong on so many levels.)

On Monday, the Supreme Court is set to rule on Van Orden v. Perry, and McCreary County v. ACLU--the "Ten Commandments cases," and while Kelo might have affected your freedom from government intrusion, there is a good chance that, whatever the Supreme Court rules, someone is going to be very, very upset (hopefully, its not me), because this could change public interest and freedom of religion law forever.

Yes. Its that serious. And the Supreme Court is very excited.

Because while the whole Ten Commandments thing might be exciting, these cases have serious implications on future challenges to religious freedom under the Establishement Clause: its how the courts decide whether a particular practice isn't cool with the First that's been in question, and that'll likely feel the Wrath of the Justices come Monday morning.

See my take on the cases and decisons, The Establishment Clause Tests for Dummies, and Monday's decision handicapped, head over and see me at American Princess.

Posted by JanetteS at June 26, 2005 02:32 PM

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