June 14, 2005

Cotillion for June 14th, 2005

Cotillion for June 14th, 2005

The Complete Etiquette Experience from Dining to Dancing

Gotta love a Cotillion - each of the girls brings two dates!

My debutantes this week are a beautiful bunch of girls, with poise, class, and an air of distinction. At least until after the party...

Christina from Fiesty Repartee digs into her archives to remind us that there's more to being a girl than being a debutante. In fact, she's got a basement full of guns!

Tammy from A Mom and Her Blog is not just a mom anymore - she's an auntie! Here's the kicker: the bouncing baby boy is named... well, go read it for yourself.

An American Housewife is thrilled that a potential child molester from her hometown was caught, but is concerned that he was in her town at all.

This puny, perverted, sick, sorry excuse of a man has been caught! Thank God. And he was right here in Madison. He was not in the registered sex offenders database but he will be now. But the scarey part to me is how many more of these deviant sick bastards are out there? My guess is a lot!

The only thing these lovely ladies never learned was that you should never talk religion or politics in polite company.

Lucky for us, we're not too polite!

Atlas Shrugs is her usual brilliant self, telling us the stories of the Women of Islam. Oh, and it's her birthday, so show the love, y'all.

You cannot read the following stories and believe that the Women of Islam are going to continue to stand for these outrageous violent crimes. THEY WILL RISE UP. They have begun to rise.

Jane from Armies of Liberation brings us one of her posts from Worldpress.

In the remote country of Yemen, a determined and heroic democracy movement battles an alliance of Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein’s generals, and a corrupt regime that wields all the tools of the state. The terrorists are operating on the proceeds from gunrunning and oil sales. The reformers are operating on pure determination.
You want the truth? Sadie of Fistful of Fortnights says you can't handle the truth! Which is... true. I can't. Math was never my strong subject. But hey, I can look at the pretty pictures - I love the graphics on her blog.
The 'winner' of argument is not determined by the ultimate truth of the conflict. Rather, the stronger rhetorician will establish the truth, and thus rhetoric is the means by which to achieve the power.
Did you get all that? Yeah, me neither.

Darleen of Darleen's Place explains the difference between an "Insurgent" and a bloody terrorist, which is what the soldiers in Iraq are facing. In her words: "Further exploration of just who is in the Iraq "insurgency" and exposing the usual meme of "blame American occupation" when it comes to the motivations of the Islamofascists."

Claire from e-claire/e-biscuit teaches us multiculturalism and tells us about a lovely Saudi couple who kept a slave in the United States.

We have to be seeeensitive to their cuuuultural diveeeersity. Who are we to judge; Thomas Jefferson had slaves! Besides, it’s part of their reliiigion and a cuuustom with 1,400 years of tradiiition. A tradiiition they would never have had to adopt if Amerikkka hadn’t stoooolen the whole world’s economy with eeevil corporations which made everybody into slave chickens!
Janette has been doing some home renovation over at Common Sense Runs Wild, and like many DIY-ers, she seems to have fallen off her ladder, and deleted the whole bloody thing. Therefore, I have no fabulous post to link to, but you can go over there to see her new and improved home. Just be sure to bring her a get well card.

Raven at And Rightly So! is after the union of longshoremen for their sick practice of enrolling their yung'uns in the union to bolster numbers.

Massport’s union longshoremen have been placing kids as young as 2 years old on the payroll in a long-running scheme to give them bogus seniority that fattens the wages they fetch as adult dock-workers years later, investigators contend.

And finally, Crystal Clear, who's been sunning herself in Hawaii, makes sure we don't forget Terri Schiavo just because her name isn't in the news everyday anymore.

Since her murder several weeks ago, the posting and comments on Blogs for Terri has understandably and considerably slowed from its previous pace. As I mentioned previously, I do believe a time of mourning and reflection was appropriate and necessary. At least for myself, that time has drawn to a close. I am ready and prepared to continue on a path towards justice. Yes, I am a dog with a bone and I will not be giving up and I will not be forgetting...
Further dancing, merrimaking, and women who've had too much punch can be found over at Who Tends the Fires and Darleen's Place. And of course, over at the Girl on the Right!

Phew! I'm pooped. I think I'll sit this one out. Will you fetch me some champagne?

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