July 08, 2005

On The Scene of the Bombings With Charmaine

One of Cotillion's own, Charmaine Yoest of Reasoned Audacity, was in Edinburgh Airport yesterday when the bombs went off. She quickly made her way to London and interviewed many people on the scene.

I spotted a young woman about my own age and asked if she would talk with
me. After initial hesitation, she got warmed up, and ended up repeating many
the same themes the young men had given us, without the conspiracy
She, too, had been expecting to be attacked and was almost
relieved. "We were so going to happen," she said.
As to the calm? Again:
"We're used to it."
When I first asked her about Tony Blair she was
to assign blame. But as we talked, she became more animated, and
finally blurted
out: "This is the price we're paying [for the war in Iraq].
Yes, I guess I do
blame [Blair] -- makes you bloody angry. . . we've killed
all those people in
Iraq; all those civilians . . . "

To read the rest of her report see London Later on 7.7.05.

Posted by JanetteS at July 8, 2005 10:56 AM