July 26, 2005

Come Dance 'Til Your Feet Sing!

imageIt's time for the Cotillion Ball -- and what would a ball be without shoes! Beautiful shoes, elegant shoes, avant garde shoes, silly shoes, vintage shoes, shoes, shoes, beautiful dancing shoes!

So take a step out with the ladies of the Cotillion Ball, accept the offer of a sparkling cool drink, and wend your way through the most interesting blogs on the Lovely Interweb.


First up On tonight's dance card is She Who Loves Shoes More than Chocolate Itself, Headmistress SondraK of Knowledge is Power. SondraK is very clear in her refusal to be a victim of terrorism and has found a pointed way of saying so.


Little Miss Attila reports a conversation about the real requirements for SCOTUS Judgeship. [boobies?!?]


Mama Montezz points out tha many celebs and pols don't have the sense G-d gave a goose -- and lemme tell ya, I know the literal truth behind that saying! Think of the worst possible place a pol could show up -- uninvited, no less -- and use these words: "I want you to know our government is against this war."


Maxed Out Mama may be a little, well, maxed out this week, but she has time to give both barrels to a superficial twit in feminists' sensible shoes.

All by herself, Givhan reduces the average IQ of American women in the public eye. ...Random snark is not much of an insult from this direction.



And speaking of useless verbiage, that's exactly what Merri of Merri's Musings addresses:

Everywhere, words have evolved into some homogenized version of what they used to be. These changes have a direct and distinct impact on our society and how we perceive what is going on around us. Some examples include "deferred success" versus "failure" or "illegal alien" versus "undocumented worker." I truly believe this "dumbing down" of society as a whole will not serve us well in the future. For example, isn't competition part of success? If every little Janey or every little Johnny gets the same grade, or they are all told they are doing well, where is the competition? If everything is sugar-coated, how do people know the truth?

The effects Merri sees in the real world are chilling. And irritating.


Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy also fills us in on PC -- but this time, it's the good kind. Operation PC for Soldiers is a project in cojunction with Soldier's Angels to bring PC's and laptops to soldiers recovering at Brook Army Medical Center. These guys and gals really need a way to communicate with their buddies back in the Sandbox and with their families scattered across America. Go see Beth and learn how you can help.


Right Thinking Girl looks at the Blame America First crowd and their reactions to this week's developmens in convicted spy Jonathan Pollard's case.

There is a fundamental disconnect between the people of the US and the media arm of the Democratic Party in this country. The Left is fundamentally unable to rally around their homeland; they always bet against America.


Stacy of Not a Desperate Houswife fills us in on the back story behind a newly *ahem* erected plaque of highly questionable taste in Toronto. A public monument to an historical figure really oughtn't prompt the question, "Mommy/Daddy what is that man doing to that other man?" WTG, Tarannah.


EB at Portia Rediscovered not-so-gently censors *ahem* corrects those who cry "Censorship!" every time their inflammatory "art" causes rhetoric to become inflamed. "I don't doubt liberal's sincerity in their beliefs. I doubt their beliefs." That's a distinction oft lost on those who would happily stick a thumb in your eye then whine piteoiusly when you object.


Charmaine of Reasoned Audacity clearly delineates the Moonbats' newest strategy of manipulation aimed at what they perceive to be the "Redneck Fundie Right." Subtly suggesting that, because of a pair of plaid pants [worn in 1972], attendance at an all-boys' school and athletic pursuits on the wrestling team, John Roberts *whispers* might be gay. *eye roll* To even mention the word hypocrisy would be to gild the lily.

Who cares?

Well, that's just the point: they think we do. They think that they can undermine support for someone among conservatives if they can dredge up some sort of homosexual connection -- or, in this case, just the manufactured whiff of a question.

If it weren't so cruel and small, it would be funny.


Rightwingsparkle did some research on the English-written Islamic message boards looking for some responses to the London terrorist attacks. She found some of the expected, some quite unexpected connections and some downright cryptic quotations. Then something peculiar happened:

I was about to link this message board and suddenly I got a bit nervous. I know that sounds crazy, but I started thinking that I didn't want those on the board to know I linked them or quoted them. It was strange for me because it was the first time I felt a trickle of fear about being known.

Crazy? Maybe not.


Drop by and see the visual from Sissy at Sisu. I won't give it away -- I'll just leave you with the question, "How do asparagus and the 'invisible paw' affect Ian Simpson Ross's The Life of Adam Smith?"


I hope y'all are feeling dance-delighted this Cotillion Ball. For bountiful boogie blast, further foxtrot festivity, and some rare rhumba repartee, please tan-Go on over and see my fellow Cotillion Hostesses:

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ThanQ! Rockit Australia Vintage Clothing

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Posted by Claire at July 26, 2005 02:46 AM

Egad. Wasn't going to say anything, but. Did you know? Lots of the links are not working. Gak.

Posted by: Sissy Willis at July 27, 2005 05:09 PM

They're fixed now. Thanks, Sissy!

Posted by: Beth at July 27, 2005 07:23 PM