August 09, 2005

A Little Slice of Life


Hi. I'm Juliette from baldilocks. This week, I'm pleased to showcase part of the Cotillion; women all; ladies, when appropriate.

Crystal chronicles the perqs and perils of interviewing and networking.

Darleen points out to Eugene Volokh that what’s legal isn’t always moral or ethical. When the ACLU is the subject, that’s almost a given.

Dr. Sanity gives us a new bloggish twist on an old game: Bingo.

What’s that smell? Claire goes to the county fair.

Feisty Repartee's post has a bit of everything; you have your good friends, you have your praising God, you have your baby pooping at the wrong time and you have your husband without pants. Or something like that.

At Fistful of Fortnights, Sadie, who’s preparing to get hitched, gives us a view into the exciting lifestyle she’s giving up.

Florida Cracker points to the incredible sweet and wonderful story of the horribly burned and disfigured Afghan girl who was made to look beautiful again.

Free Thoughts, Stephania’s bilingual (Italian) blog contains many posts which document the war against terrorists and terrorist counterstrikes against freedom.

Girl on the Right notes that Bell Mobility (a cell phone service) quietly assisted passengers of the ill-fated Air France flight in Toronto last week.

Ilyka Damen took a bit of a hiatus last week

And Kelly’s co-blogger, SeanO, who mentors young conservatives at the the University of Rhode Island, highlights a Frontpage Magazine Article written by of his charges.


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