August 29, 2005

Okay, Everyone, I Am Fine

But that's probably becuase I live in Michigan, far far away from Katrina, only I am currently waiting for Northwest Airlines to realize that we are at quite the distance from the eye of the storm, which they are apparently convinced is right on top of us right now, since I have been on three planes that have subsequently been grounded, and am now bumped up to First Class, but not on a actual plane, just "in theory," as no plane has apparently taken off from Detroit-Metropolitian airport for near on an hour, as far as I can tell, and may not ever take off again, since its me that's the curse.

<---In case you were wondering, not me.

Okay...taking a breath.

Now, while I might be high and dry, enjoying myself in a very sterile knockoff of a poorly designed building, not all of the Cotillion ladies are as lucky, and while they are all apparently O.K. (for those who were wondering, Beth of My VWRC is safely out of Mobile), it seemed like that last week of summer was just ripe for vacation.

So although Katrina is keeping this guy down, she's not keeping us down:

(And the Cotillion would like all of those affected by Katrina's terrible destruction--despite my tendency to be glib--that all of our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families today and always, and hope that they, and and all those who are touched by this natural disaster, and that if any of us could be there right now (or in my case anywhere right now) we only hope that we'd be as brave as all of you have been)

But like the MTV Video Music Awards, the show must go on, though in this case, the show is much more about smart women, and much less about making certain that that double-stick tape keeps your dress securly anchored. We promise that we won't have any "wardrobe malfunctions." Well, at least not today.

So lets hit the red carpet, and get things off and running.

First up, we have Tammy of A Mom And Her Blog, who is bringing up her very own blog illustrator, and a darn good one, at that. Pretty soon all of us will be beating down Tammy's door to get our hands on an original. Does she do blogs?

Ith of Absinthe & Cookies, is next up on the red carpet, looking smashing, probably because she's been on vacation most of this week, but fear not, her guest blogger, CalTechGirl has provided a smashing piece on how you can help troops at the front get ahold of laptop computers.

Now, I have to admit, there's nobody who I like to see better on the red carpet than Gwen Stefani, and last night was no exception, but Raven of And Rightly So!, has something that I am almost as happy about seeing: a post about how the more coffee you drink, the better your chances of avoiding cancer. After this morning, I'm thinking that I might be set for the rest of my life.

Next up, hit annika's journal, for a quick take on what it means to her to be a Gen-X'er. What the heck, am I the youngest chickie here? I'm surprised I'm legal!

At Are You Conservative?, they are asking a question that I rarely stopped to consider until Crazy Cindy showed up down in Crawford--what if those anti-war Woodstock leftovers hightailed it over to where the real fighting was going on, say, Baghdad? Probably not pretty.

Jane of Armies of Liberation shows us what happens when you live in a country that does not value the freedom of the press, and decide to criticise government corruption. Hint: its not what's happening in the United States right now. Some of those same hippies should be kissing the ground they walk on.

Atlas Shrugs shows what happens when you give aid money to people who don't use it for nation-building, and then continue to ask for aid, and ask for aid, and ask for aid.

baldilocks is dissecting Code Pink and the Walter Reed anti-war protestors. Their purpose. Not them.

Bobo Blogger (my favorite named blogger EVER) has a great post on "mistakes" in Church Bulletins that will have you laughing so hard that you'll be crying about going to a church that has a grammarian for a bulletin editor. Don't let worry kill you. Let the Church help. Must not be Catholic--otherwise it would be "guilt" and not "worry." (Don't worry, I'm an orthodox Catholic. I can make those jokes)

Another well-named blogger, Kathy of Cake Eater Chronicles has just celebrated her eleventh wedding anniversary, and has a great post about a great weekend.

Janette of Common Sense Runs Wild takes apart Pat Roberston for his careless comments on Chavez (I say careless, note, not untrue) and how they did good things for the media...namely get Fox to talk about something other than Cindy Sheehan for like, five minutes.

Darleen of Darleen's Place is looking a heck of a lot better than say, Shakira, who for whatever reason doesn't seem to understand that when you are a celebrity, you can hire other people to do your hair, with what is my favorite picture yet of a woman who has already been mentioned WAAAAY too many times in this post. You guessed it, Mother Cindy, Miss America.

Dr. Sanity has an exclusive chart from Able Danger found in a video, and how the 9/11 commission is looking worse and worse as days go by.

e-Claire is keeping tabs on a much more dangerous organization that has some of the same letters in her name, CAIR, though we like Claire a whole lot more.

Fistful of Fortnights takes a look at the pros and the cons of having a big mouth. Sweetie, all of us in the legal profession know that that big mouth comes in handy mor often than not, but not always in the best ways.

Florida Cracker has a handle, and the scoop about the biggest media anti-war hoax of the last year, and a detailed account, including pictures, of the fallout.

Stefania of Free Thoughts is keeping us appraised of the growing social and political crises that are occuring in Iran.

I am so unbelievably jealous of Girl on the Right. In one week, she got to meet Stephen Harper, the head of the Conservative Party in Canada (though she didn't mention to him that he needs to really change his hair) and the P.Diddy of Conservative Catholics everywhere David Warren, at what looks to be one of the most awesome blogger events around (except that its in Canada, so not around here...darn it).

Ilyka Damen takes an old Chris Rock gag and spins it around on the anti-war crowd. It is true that you need qualifications to criticise the war? Apparently only they think so.

KelliPundit examines how your right to bear arms is the most important right of all, even if they don't know that back East.

There really are two Americas, and they are meeting face to face in Crawford. Knowledge Is Power: has great coverage, and more than a few pictures.

Little Miss Attila is warning anyone who might have their sights set on running for Prez in 2008, that they haven't got a chance, especially when Condi is in the running, as far as the Iowa straw poll is already concerned.

Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room who always is host to such beautiful writing isn't disappointing with her latest post on those who have taken up residence outside Walter Reed, intent on using the suffering of wounded warriors to catapult thier pathetic slogans to national fame.

Ya know, I don't happen to be a huge fan of Pat Robertson, though I have been known to watch the 700 Club on occasion to get scoops for stories, but I definitely cannot understand where the hate on the Democratic Underground seems to come from, as shown on MaxedOutMama. Maybe its time for a little confession?

Moving on down the crushed velvet, we'll run into Merri of Merri Musings, whos got a helluva post on the ACLU and their ridiculous double standards when it comes to not wanting surveillance camers on our citizenry--except when it benefits them, of course.

And now to Beth, of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Poor Beth, who makes her home in Mobile, AL, was forced to flee Katrinas wrath, though something tells me, it was probably her unbelievable heart (and brass balls) that brought that chick down to a Cat One.

All, right so some desperate houswives happen to be hotties, but that doesn't mean that Stacy, of Not A Desperate Housewife is any less sexy, as she proves, for a second time, that it isn't conservative women who have a problem with being themselves.

Portia Rediscovered is taking on a school in Colorado where the kids probably need a little less sex and a little more education.

On of my favorite bloggers, Charmaine of reasoned audacity, is talking this week all about how those new Nike ads that purport to celebrate the regular women are really incredibly subversive to Nike's own goals--advancement of women.

What can I say about Right Thinking Girl except for Congratulations! she is the proud new mama of Parker Grace, a beautiful baby girl: a tiny, beautiful love. And she's already back to blogging.

Kathy of Rightwingsparkle and I have the same dream--to walk down the red carpet with a certain pirate/Edward Scissorhands star/gorgeous actor by our sides. But this year, she's going to have to miss the VMAs as she is headed north for the same reason I'm stuck here, Katrina.

Sissy at sisu has my favorite post of the week, about something I love to talk about, politically correct Marxist feminists who intimidate milquetoast legislators into enacting laws that try to regulate human nature out of existence -- and that Islamicist fundamentalists are sisters with them under the skin

Direct from Iraq: good news! Care of Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho.

Steal The Bandwagon is apparently being kept inside by the lovely weather, but her guest blogger has an interesting take on the situation: is Katrina actually part of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy? Sure seems like it. Except that it delayed the VMAs, and that is like thier singles bar.

Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum also has an observation that has occured to me on occasion: namely, is the government (and lawyers who aren't me) trying to control your life? Maybe if you are cool with french-fried potatoes. Then you are in trouble..

The Anchoress is rocking out harder than Kelly Clarkson without her backup tape. Can that apply to the Anchoress (she's so classy), after all, she is one of the most compassionate people out there: here Crawford post isn't about bashing, its about prayer and peace.

Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog has done an amazing job covering Hugo Chavez and the reaction to the dictator and his flap with Pat, but this post caught my eye: a reacton from the Pope.

Mary Katharine Ham of, is on the case of the mascot mayhem taking place down in Florida and the actual shortsightedness of the NCAA (as in, they forgot to consult actual Indian tribes).

There is plenty to look at over at Cassandra's Villainous Company, but this post about a national religion is particularly good. Think the ACLU is trying to keep religion out of the public square. Think again.

Denita Two Dragons of Who Tends the Fires is wondering why it is that we lose that one incredible gift as we grow older: the gift of imagination.

And finally, Beth (the other Beth) of Yeah, Right, Whatever, who visited Crawford this week (and I was hoping that she'd have a post up in time so that I could link to it, since her stories were AWESOME), has a take on the madness that's going on down there--the pain and the dishonor.

Okay cats, I think that about wraps it up. Be sure to tune in next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, different Bat host. After all, you can't expect little old me to do this every week, do you? Heck I have enough trouble on my own blog.

Speaking of which, if you haven't visited in a while, there's a pretty good post about that nasty fetal pain study.

But until then, wish me luck on getting to my destination, and wish everyone else who has so much fun with Katrina that they just can stand it anymore, luck too.

Posted by E. M. Zanotti at August 29, 2005 06:29 PM