September 02, 2005

Hurricane blogging...cotillion style

Despite the rumors... Katrina is not a member of Cotillion.

She was just a little too mean (that has to be awfully mean) and destructive for our tastes (really, disaster areas are so passe). The Cotillion bloggers have joined the efforts of so many bloggers who are trying to do something, anything for the victims.

Below are some posts that offer suggestions of charities, offer opinions and a few common sense items as well:

A mom and her blog examines the affects of Hurricane Katrina... in Florida.

Absinthe & Cookies asks that you donate through the American Angelican Council.

And Rightly So! has some images of the damage and links to how you can help.

Annika's Journal selects Catholic Charities as her hurricane charity of choice.

Are You Conservative? suggests Florida Cracker for extensive blog coverage (duly noted).

Baldilocks offers the criminals in New Orleans a little common sense advice: "When someone is trying to save your life, don’t shoot at them; especially when you are massively outgunned."

Bobo gives a good roundup of some creative ways other bloggers are soliciting donations.

Cake Eater Chronicles gives us the great suggestion for those who may not have the funds to give but still want to help:

It also bears mentioning that the American Red Cross is always hurting for blood donations. If you are perhaps a wee bit strapped for cash and would like to help out in some way, but lack the cash, it's time for you to go to your local chapter of the Red Cross and donate a pint. You'll be helping an organization that's helping those in need---it's just as good as giving cash. And, really, it's doesn't hurt that much. I promise. Plus you get a donut and juice when you're done! What more could you ask for?

Janette from Common Sense Runs Wild has a wonderful round up of a lot of wonderful bloggers. It's hard to pick just one post to highlight so make sure to go to her site and read them all. She is supporting the Salvation Army and has a lot of information regarding the organization.

Darleen has a words for those who blame Bush.

Dr. Sanity gives us another reason why we should be proud of the military.

For most Americans, these ongoing and essential humanitarian activities, routinely engaged in by the US miliary--at home and abroad-- are simply more reasons to be proud of and grateful to the men and women who volunteer in the various military services and who risk their lives protecting ours every day.

Fistful of Fortnights (DOT NET) with Phin are offering an *original* Apothegm blog design to the highest bidder. All proceeds go to help the victims of Katrina, of course.

As I've already mentioned in this post, Donnah from Florida Cracker has been posting extensively regarding the hurricane aftermath. It's worth your time to go to her entire blog. Her charities "of choice" is animal disaster relief and she is willing to match your funds. Very cool.

Free Thoughts lets us know that the Italians have not forgotten the victims of Katrina.

Ilyka supports feed the children (who wouldn't support feeding the children? heehee)...

Kellipundit gives us a little more perspective:

I work within a Louisiana state run hospital and attended an emergency meeting this afternoon. There are reports of nursing home residents stranded on rooftops. 'Big Charity' hospital in New Orleans almost immediately lost their generators and the first floor is now completely submerged. The tentative plan is to try and evacuate patients via boat to Baton Rouge and from there Airforce transport planes are going to fly patients to waiting hospitals. Many of these patients were in critical condition to begin with.

Imagine being sick or old and completely displaced to places with no friends or family whatsoever. I've had colleagues who've lost everything. It is all very, very sad.

Keep Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana in your prayers. I'll try to update when possible.

Maxed Out Mama provides links to news for the often overlooked areas of Mississippi.

Merri Musings gives some great links to where you can donate.

Beth from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back and has a few thoughts on the hurricane aftermath. I can't quote any of it because well...I can't say (or write) anything worse than "butt" without feeling guilty... I'd have to repent twice to quote what she writes. icon_wink.gif

Stacy from Not a Desperate Housewife blogs for her family.

Portia Rediscovered sends A Call for Help.

Calling Hurricane Katrina's aftermath devastating seems somewhat trivial. It is estimated that over 3 million people do not have power right now, hundreds are thought dead, thousands upon thousands are displaced and homeless, and countless more are at risk of infection or death due to disease from the water. New Orleans is one of our country's most beautiful and historic cities; this is so upsetting.

Reasoned Audacity says Robert Kennedy is using Katrina for political posturing.

Incredible. There are bodies floating in the water in New Orleans and Kennedy rushes to the microphones to blame Katrina on the Bush Administration -- because we didn't sign the Kyoto Protocol...I guess he must have missed yesterday's New York Times which reported no link between global warming and hurricanes.

Rightwingsparkle suggests giving to Catholic Charities.

Sissy asks that you donate to Animal League of Boston. Apparently many people are listening:

We're already seeing the response from your 'blog world'! Keep up the great work," writes our pointman for Animal Rescue League of Boston flood relief efforts, Director of Communications Tom Adams..."

Holly has video of New Orleans before Katrina and asks for contribution to the Soldiers' Angels hurricaine relief fund.

TFS Magnum provides links to satellite images of New Orleans...before..and after.

The American Princess has an extensive, very helpful post of what you can do. Lists of charities, ideas and infomation included.

The Anchoress asks her readers to donate to Catholic Charities. She also generously offers that sales via the Anchoress bookshelf will be contributed to the aftermath of Katrina Relief Efforts for the month of September.

Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog gives an extensive list of the foreign aid effort.

Mary Katherine Ham of says "now is the time."

Cassandra of Villainous Company talks about "Acts of God."

Watching televised coverage of the disaster relief efforts I was overcome with pity for the thousands of people who are suffering and the plight of a city I dearly love and looked forward to returning to this month. But it wasn't long before my tears were replaced with another emotion: anger. For the waters have not even begun to recede and the fighting has already started.

Who Tends the Fires says "do what you can!" A good list of charities and their phone numbers.

Beth from Yeah, Right, Whatever asks for any ideas how to get the #1 requested item to the Katrina "refugees": Bibles.

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