September 06, 2005

Ordinary Heroes; Extraordinary Women

It's been one of those weeks where we of the Cotillion have all banded together for one reason or another. We've each had our little tragedies this past week, but nothing compares to the tragedy that has unfolded in Dixie. So, in solidarity, we are all Southern today. And what better icon could a Cotillion Belle have than Miss Scarlett O'Hara? A beautiful woman whose shoulders bore so much, and whose brain could get her out of anything.

Sissy at Sisu brings us the heartwarming story of animal survival throughout the Katrina ordeal, gives us tips on how to evacuate animals, and urges us to remember our furry friends when we're donating to aid organizations.

I can't say enough about RightWingSparkle. She has been tireless in her volunteer efforts at the Astrodome in Houston, where many of the storm refugees have been brought. The ordinary American never imagines having a refugee camp in their neighborhood - RWS didn't waste time on imagining, either. She just jumped in with both feet, and gave all she could to the sick, the displaced, and those who have nothing. You are my hero!

The whole thing was, of course, heartwrenching. People were packed cot to cot and with their supplies next to them. The really hard thing to see were the children. So small and with so little to keep them busy. The citizens and Churches of Houston came through in a BIG way and there was plenty of food, water, and clothes for everyone. The only thing I really had to dig for were toys. I plan to bring a bunch tomorrow. That seemed to be the only real need that wasn't being meet. There were also plenty of volunteers.

As you might imagine I wanted to hear what it was like being in the Superdome. One teenage girl told me that it was terrifying when the shooting started. "It was the gangs," she said. Her mother said, "The people found the guy who was shooting and beat his ass and his ass needed beating." I found over and over again that people were as disgusted with the behavior of the thugs as the rest of us. I asked them if they were angry at the government. Not one I spoke to said they were. They were angry at the people who behaved badly. They were angry at the thugs with guns. They were angry with the people who threw trash everywhere and went to bathroom in public places.

MaxedOutMama brings us updates and news from Gulfport-Biloxi.

Beth, from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is back home and safe after being one of the thousands of evacuees in Southern Alabama.

Merri at Merri Musings takes us on a trip down her own memory lane, and tells us about a holiday she took to New Orleans. She wants us to remember it the way it used to be, and not have those horrible images of destruction in our minds forevermore.

Stacy at Not A Desperate Housewife rails against radical feminism and Mary Daly:

Did you hear that men? Ms. Daly believes that you no longer need to exist in mass numbers. That you are something that needs to be 'decontaminated'. That an evolutionary process needs to occur in order to cleanse our planet of the male gender.

Excuse me Ms. Daly, would you be including my husband in this idea of yours? Would you be including my three male offspring in this idea of yours? Please ma'am, just exactly who would you like to see exterminated?

Little Miss Atilla comes to us from the NFRA in Scottsdale. She is not overly impressed with her room at the Holiday Inn!

Portia brings us a disturbing statistic from a highschool in Ohio - one out of every seven girls is pregnant!

This is a terribly sad story that will most likely be handled even more terribly by government paid bureaucrats and burned out teachers. God help us.

Is it any wonder that kids end up pregnant when "school officials are not sure what has caused so many pregnancies?" Let me clue you all in....when a man and a woman...yeah....babies happen then geniuses!!

Loss has been my theme of the past week. I'm not sure why. Perhaps because summer is coming to a close. Perhaps Katrina is part of it. I'm not sure. But loss and grief are not only on my mind this week. Mamamontezz shares a poem about the loss of a Master:

The old Dom lay upon his deathbed, his body worn and gray, His sons, students and submissives gathered about him, Though long they had dreaded this day. He knew that his long journey was almost done, And that now it would end. He looked into the eyes of those he loved And knew of no better way this time to spend. "My sons, students” he said to them, "My time is growing short. I ask of no tears on my grave. I was never that sort. I have no need for a memorial, Save what i give unto you.
Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity blogs about the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

And Right Thinking Girl is taking a haitus from the 'sphere to deal with a loss of her own. At this time, we do not know what she's lost, and how it will affect her in the long term, but if I know anything at all about my Right Thinking friend, it is that she is one of the strongest women I have ever known. Through insurmountable losses and tragedies, she has brought us courage, grace, and laughter. She has shouldered grief that would kill a lesser woman, and for the past 18 months or so, she has shared her life with us. She threatens to leave us at this time, but I know that she will rise from the ashes with new resolve, and she will live to blog another day. CrankyBeach from Coffee with CrankyBeach also gives tribute to RTG, here.

Posted by RightGirl at September 6, 2005 08:52 AM

Me, I've never gotten over reading when I was 13 that Vivian Leigh was a nyphomaniac. Gosh, it was going to be a wonderful life after all.

But seriously, I wonder if you ladies can really appreciate how much a feminine smile and touch means when you are sick or distressed. It's those situations that give rise to the theme of nurses as angels. God Bless Rightwingsparkle.

Posted by: Salt Lick at September 6, 2005 05:01 PM

RWS is amazing. My uncle says that the price we pay on earth is our rent in Heaven. Makes me think of her.


Posted by: RightGirl at September 6, 2005 06:34 PM

Can you believe the Governor of Louisiana prevented the Red Cross and Salvation Army from providing food and water to the people stranded in the Superdome? Talk about bad decision-making. Governor Blanco is the worst storm management publc official in the nation. She should be promptly unelected.

-nikita demosthenes
Fri 9-9-05

Posted by: nikita demosthenes at September 9, 2005 03:54 AM