November 01, 2005

Freedom Fighters

There comes a time in every Cotillionette's life when Typepad just isn't good enough. Ever the frustrated patron of said blog host, I decided to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before me and join

This week found the ladies of Cotillion covering quite a breadth of topics. Our women warriors, wonder moms and whimsical poets cover every possible issue this week. OddyBobo welcomes in the fall with tales of hay rides, pumpkin patches and falling leaves, oh, and nasty phone calls. You'll see. Speaking of nasty conversations, LittleMissAttila has one of her own. But not without it's basically happy ending, of course.

On the topic of Halloween, of which we hope you all aren't still recovering. MerriMusings dedicates her post to the topic of protecting your kids from those who might look forward a little too much to the pitter patter of little feet coming to the door for candy.

The Gray Tie continues the theme of keeping children safe, but this time it's from things much harder to control than whose doorbell they ring once a year. She tells the story of a little boy in her church named JJ, 5 years old, who has been diagnosed with a rare and inoperable brain cancer. While JJ's friends and family hold out hope that miracles do happen every day, and they've seen them even thus far in his case, it is still going to take a tremendous amount of funds to attain the medical treatment that just might alleviate the suffering of this little one. We have the opportunity to take part in seeing that end. The first logo on her site provides the opportunity to donate money to JJ's family.

Our Good Samaritans have spoken, so we'll turn the floor over to the ladies at the front lines raging against the machine that is the Mainstream Media. Women shouting from the rooftops, refusing to be silenced.
Few women have dared to take on such giants as the NYTimes with the ease that MaxedOutMama so easily achieves. With one eye closed she fires back at our favorite yellow newspaper that makes it a priority to turn facts into fiction, so long as it supports their agenda.

What can one say about the NY Times? I used to read it. I read it through college. I read it after. I don't read it any more, because I can never tell whether I am getting news or what the NY Times editorial board feels the news ought to be.

A case in point (and a glaring one) is the NY Times' version of Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr's life and death. Corporal Starr left a letter on his laptop, knowing that it would be his last words if he were killed. He was killed. The NY Times wanted to write a different story....

Speaking of things left out in the MSM, Jane over at ArmiesofLiberation writes of the horrors faced by the people, specifically the journalists in Yemen. We hear about Yemen about as much as we hear about soldiers helping Iraqi citizens. Jane gives us a tiny glimpse as to why: 

I am writing for the Western people who have the misunderstanding that Yemen is reforming, decentralizing power, and enabling expression of the popular will. Believe me, its not. Its moving in the other direction. So  I'm exposing them.


Sisu strikes back at the army of democrats accusing the current administration of political corruption, somehow forgetting that their mascot Willy would leave a legacy of nothing but.

While we agree with Roger re "the infantile partisanship dominating American political life" -- today and throughout our nation's history -- we're still gagging at Lanny Davis's scare quotes attempting to gloss over the rampant Clintonian political corruption, from day one of the co-presidency, that was forever swept under the carpet with "I don't recall" and "It depends upon what  your definition of is, is."

FloridaCracker goes after the whiners from Wilma. One lady had to go without hot coffee for not one, not two, but three days! The horror. I mean, what kind of country is this that won't get it's citizens who ignore hurricane warnings piping hot beverages?

She hasn't been able to get water since the day of the storm, and hasn't had hot coffee since the day before the storm. I've criticized FEMA a dozen times on this blog, but this, this is not FEMA's fault.

GirlontheRight reaches out to a soldier's wife who lost her job just after her husband was deployed. As if sustaining a household without her husband wasn't hard enough, now the poor woman is job hunting. But it appears that hope is on the horizon. It has to be with RightGirl blogging about it.

The force of nature that is our CommonSenseRunWild also chronicles the story of a soldier's struggle. (I've had some issues with this link. Let me know if it's working for y'all or not.)

A North American Patriot gives us her two cents on the friendship of Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Ahmadinejad:

Hugo Chavez is a thug with delusions of grandeur, but he's also a dope.  And no matter how intelligent and calculating Ahmadinejad is, once you start diluting the brain pool with a rube like Chavez, it becomes clear that you just can't be taken seriously, in the world of genocidal maniacs. 


Well, we're approaching the end of our weekly roundup. Zendo Deb over at TFS Magnum steps up swinging at the women who would be men, our very own American feminists.

Most of what I find distasteful about the feminist left is that they view the world through the eyes of a victim. Everyone else is responsible for my safety, for my situation, for my problems. I don't want to blame the victim, but make them aware that they have choices. You can take action to ensure your security.


And bringing it all home is RomeoCat of CatHouse Chat who echoes mine and a whole host of others' sentiments regarding the absurdity of those who would call Islam a "religion of peace." But only RomeoCat could dish it out this way.

These are incidents typical of militant, fanatical Islam. I realize that not all Muslims condone these actions, but I am gravely disappointed that these "moderate" Muslims do not rise up in fury and outrage at those who are "hijacking" their religion...

And until the more rational and peaceful factions of Islam rise up and vociferously and vehemently condemn radical Islam, and actively - and PUBLICALLY -  work to stamp it out, instead of issuing irrelevant and impotent fatwahs... Well, until then, I suppose I'll have to see Islam as a bunch of mad barbarians intent on destroying everything that is different from them, won't I?

In her post she outlines many, many disgusting events that have occurred just recently at the hands of Islamic fascists. It is an absolute must read if you want to inoculate yourself against the sickness that is our own media's spinelessness in reporting the truth.

That about wraps it all up. Many thanks to Tammy at AMomandHerBlog for designing the page and working tirelessly on it during a move and with family obligations. And a big thank you to MacStansbury who rescues me time and time again from the lair of html and otherwise all around blogging ignorance.

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