November 08, 2005

We Appreciate Our Veterans

I am pleased once again to host this week's sampling of the finest right-of-center female bloggers in the 'sphere. As we approach Veteran's Day we would like to salute those who have sacrificed in order for us to live in this fine nation. From the minute to the grand, every detail of our daily lives are possible because of these fine men and women.

Kathy at Right Wing Sparkle is in good company these days. (uh, uhm, uhm) She also is frustrated by the mindset of the left in regards to black America.

The Democrats had good intentions in the 60's. They did not forsee the vicious cycle of poverty that would become generational because of welfare. They did not see that handing out checks to unwed mothers would discourage marriage and make the man unecessary. But that is what happened and that is the root cause of the problems in the inner city.

Bobo Blogger reminds us of how not to be; just joking honey. Actually it's a glimpse back in time and what reminds us of those moments. Every scar has a story and those moments combined make up our life stories.

Girl On The Right posts a tribute to her husband's grandfather who recently passed away. Knowing one's past is the gateway to one's own future. How lovely to have known the past so well.

Many of you heard of the recent decision by the 9th Circuit denying parents their rights on how to instruct their own children, young children, first grade children; on sex.And Rightly So tells us what she thinks.

Talking to children in first grade is way out of line. They do not have the ability to even remotely understand this stuff. You know what I think? This is bad…I think these judges are fucking perverts who want little kids to be in the know about these sexual things…these judges want the kids to be taken advantage of. They have a thing for the most innocent of our citizens. Why can’t they just go jack off or masturbate in a corner and let the kids be…kids. Fuckers. And since it is the parents who pay for public education, via taxes, they DO have a right to overide what is being taught.


Tammy at A Mom And Her Blog has posted about the case of Carlie Brucia; she was the Florida girl whose abduction was caught on video tape.

Living here in the Sarasota area, I’ve been trying to keep up on what’s going on in the trial of Joseph P. Smith, the man accused of abducting, raping and then killing 11-year old Carlie Brucia. I’d imagine that because it’s been like a year and a half, alot of people have forgotten this case…unless you live around here.

I've had a difficult time getting to Tammy's page, hopefully all of you can. We need to remember this girl and witness the outcome of the trial.

Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity breaks down the numbers for us regarding the upcoming vote on Judge Alito. Will it be a filibuster? A constitutional option? Charmaine's round up on the 'Gang Of Fourteen' and the possibilities is a must read if you're a SCOTUS watcher.

Jane's (the gusty one) latest piece regarding changes with Centcom in Yemen is a must read. Her fortitude, I know for myself, is always appreciated.

So the Yemeni regime is potentially withdrawing from the command center but not the alliance. Otay. The regime has recently issued repeated statements in support of Iran (and its nuclear program) and Syria. And bi-lateral ties with Iran have increased markedly in the last months. Trade relations with North Korea are good. Salah is the one Arab leader who sided with Saddam in Gulf One resulting in billions in economic losses for the Yemeni economy.

Darleen shares her writing skills with us. Blogging should not be your main focus, dear. That was moving.

Maxed Out Mama is on a mission; a mission to raise funds for wounded vets. Go check out her article and hopefully you'll be moved to donate to this fund.

Sisu has a great take on the riots in France.

It assumes that by providing the basic subsistence to people, that would be enough to keep them content. People are never content with bare subsistence -- especially if it comes in the form of hand out and charity. It degrades them and robs them of their self-esteem. It is a shameful existence. Men need pride from their own labor. Self-reliance brings personal honor and pride -- a sense of ownership over one's own life. This is why the free-market economy is not only an efficient and effective system -- it is also a humane and honorable one.

Beth is also chiming in on Project Valour It. This is a good cause and I hope it moves many of you to contribute to this fund.

Please enjoy the posts by these fine women and remember Friday, November 11th, Veteran's Day. On behalf of all of us at The Cotillion, thank you, thank you ever so much.

Posted by Stacy at November 8, 2005 09:47 AM