February 11, 2006

Whatever Gets You Through the Day

Well, my beloved Jon F. may have left DC just a few hours after I arrived, but just look at the goodies that blew into town the next day:


That handsome fellow is Constantine, from the campaign of congressional Candidate Randy Graf from Arizona. WonderWoman and I had the opportunity to hang with them on Thursday night, along with a whole Canadian contingent which included Stephen Taylor.

Randy Graf

I had called Mr. Graf over to Bloggers Alley to talk to him about one of the talking points on his campaign literature: Fighting Militant Islam. He also opposes the Worker's Amnesty proposal, and wants to see tighter border security. Except where conservative Canadian girls are involved, of course.

Stephen Taylor of the Blogging Tories

This is how WonderWoman and I are planning to repair the damaged relationship between America and Canada. One end of the table was Americans, the other end was Canadian. WonderWoman and I were in the middle, brokering the peace. And getting them all to buy us drinks.

Posted by RightGirl at February 11, 2006 02:05 PM