February 21, 2006

The Cotillion: Domestic Terrorism Edition

post58vac.gif Ah, those Cotillion girls...

The last time we saw those fluffy-headed little Red State gals around here, they were lounging around in their evening gloves. Why, as purty as they are, you'd hardly know they had a thought in their empty little heads!

But hey - it's always a good idea to keep the "little women" happy, so let's humor them while they try their hand at (heh...) "blogging".

Speaking of little ladies, Jane at Armies of Liberation is covering an al Qaeda escape in Yemen:

One theory circulating in Yemen these days is that the recent escape of 23 prisoners from a maximum-security intelligence facility was orchestrated to transfer them to U.S. custody, circumventing Yemen’s extradition laws. Certainly the U.S. would have an interest in obtaining custody of the escapees. Several were convicted of complicity in the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, which killed 17 U.S. service members on Oct. 12, 2000. Others include convicted bombers of a French oil tanker, the Lindburg. One was an American, Gaber Elbaneh, who was convicted in the U.S. of involvement in an Al Qaeda cell in Lackawana, New York.

stainless60.jpg Meanwhile that delicate creature Beth at MY VRWC takes a frying pan to poor Andrew Sullivan:

OK, I’ll give Sully credit for his admission of ignorance, which is more than I can say for any of the rest of the elites. But really, when you know you’re clueless, speculation is not appropriate. It makes you look like a moron.

I told you these people are way too far detached from Flyover Country™ to have a clue. Really, what kind of hunting do you do in New York City and Washington DC? Or Los Angeles/San Francisco? Hunting for parking places and designer sample sales! Hunting for good see-and-be-seen seating at The Prime Rib!

She packs quite a wallop for a gal her size! Name and town, name and town sir, if you wish to opine...

home01.jpgSome posts just hit you right where you live. Florida Cracker brings us an amazing story about a woman who survived a late-term abortion…her own.

And Charmaine Yoest will make you stop and think about the value of life:

Sam Ingersoll has lived the anguish of discovering that a cherished child will be handicapped for life.

Some people would call that a tragedy. But Sam doesn’t see things quite that way, and he’d like to share a small sunbeam with you: a little boy called Gabriel.

bicarb51.jpg RightGirl points to an ad on al Jazeera that will have the Jewish street up in flames...

Right. Speaking of flames, Little Miss Attila wonders why everything always gets reduced to sexual politics?

Cathy Young and Jeff Goldstein are trying to have a serious discussion of rape, and how to address the current inequities in law/custom without going back to the old inequities in law/custom. Oddly, they are each experiencing a high noise-to-signal ratio. Hm.

Next week Jeff will take another crack at abortion, and Cathy will respond. Doctrinaire gender feminists will be just as helpful in that exchange. I can't stop thinking of the time I read aloud in my writer's group from an autobiographical piece that discussed my first experience of sexual intercourse…

Sorry – guess you’ll have to check out her post to read the rest.

patio.gif Next up, the Battle of the Sexes:

Darleen takes on the Vagina Warriors. Hilarity ensues:

When an actor of Glenn Close's stature is swooning over lines like, My vagina, my vagina, me!" you realize you are in the presence of religious fervor and faith, not reason. Save yourself 90 minutes of tedium and don't see it.

And Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever isn’t too happy with Italy’s recent decision that rape isn’t as serious if a woman isn’t a virgin:

Technically, the high court is right in one way... but not in the conclusion they reached. Since the girl was sexually active, she was more developed that some girls her age. She KNEW what he was doing to her, and she KNEW she didn't want to have sex with him, and she KNEW what he was doing was wrong.

malarkey55.gif I know I searched long and hard for the perfect picture to show how I've always imagined Zendo Deb...

*running away*

OK, so it was RightWingSparkle... heh. Now I'm really in trouble. Deb offers up some excellent 2nd Amendment blogging - a cautionary tale about a restraining order that failed to protect a woman against her ex-boyfriend:

"The system" cannot defend you. There was a restraining order in place. What did it do? The police were called when neighbors heard shots. The police cannot watch over you 24 hours per day. In those few moments when danger strikes, you are on your own.

Considering she's a well-armed woman, I'd best be on my way...

garden.jpg Since I mentioned RightWingSparkle, they say it was like Paradise in the Garden of Eden until Eve had to go and stir up trouble....

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News gives us 3 simple reasons why the guest worker program won't work. I don't agree with any of them. The only point he made that was correct was his last one:

Securing our borders and enforcing our laws against illegal immigration should be done first, before a guest worker program comes into place. If that isn't done, we could only end up exacerbating our current problem by pouring more "legal" foreign workers into our country without getting rid of the illegal aliens. If anything, that would just make our current illegal immigration woes worse.

Well, at least she agreed with one thing he said. Considering he’s a man, that’s pretty good.

bakelite57pool01.gifSometimes it's hard to know.

What do you think? Sink or swim?

I don’t know. Somehow I suspect that Carlie probably begged for her life, for Joseph Smith to show her mercy and let her live. To let her grow up. He didn’t listen to her. Should the judge listen to him?

Go let Tammy know.

Well ladies, it's been fun but I'm off now...

Oh. My post? You mean I was supposed to contribute a post too? Well, I suppose there's always...


She's Baaaaaack!

Last year, the courageous Judith Warner broke ranks with the hypnotized throngs of Stepford Wives to reveal America's shameful secret: Mommyhood is Hell. Children are selfish little parasites whose sole purpose in life is to suck all the joy from their unwilling mothers' lives.

This year she reports from the soulless urban ghetto known as Northwest DC's Cleveland Park. Just listening to a day in the horrific life of these domestic slaves is enough to give properly-educated American women the shivers.

Who routinely unloads the dishwasher, puts away the laundry and picks up the socks in your house? Who earns the largest share of the money? Who calls the shots?

"The answer, for a great many families, is the same as it was 50 years ago.


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