March 08, 2006

The NAACP showed their ass

I'm in a potty mouth kinda mood today, so shove off with ya and listen up because this is important. The NAACP showed their ASS* at the Image Awards a couple days ago. This action is simply rank:

Last night the Fox broadcast network aired the NAACP Image Awards program. We happened to catch a few minutes while channel surfing, while they were running an “In Memoriam” montage of photos of people who had passed away in the last year. Under the picture of each person was a short description, two or three words - “actor”, “comedian”, “civil rights activist”, “musician”, etc.

Among those honored were Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Richard Pryor, Lou Rawls . . . . and Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was executed in December 2005 for murdering four people. The description under his picture read only “anti-gang activist.”

Yeah, Tookie's an anti-gang activist. Anti rival gang activist, to be exact. Trying to singlehandedly put an end to the gang problem by killing as many of them as possible isn't activism. Like I said, the NAACP showed their ass.

*=For all you people with basement tans out there, "show your ass" is Feisty slang for "[publically] revealing yourself to be a complete idiot such that there is no way to dispute that you're a complete idiot."

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Posted by Feisty at March 8, 2006 12:35 AM