March 08, 2006

It's What???????

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Apparently, according to the United Nations (known for saving women world-wide from horrors such as stoning, genital mutilation, etc., *not*) today is International Women's Day.

I have some problems with this day thing - I mean, over 1/2 of the population of the world doesn't even get a whole month?

Geeze, did you know that there is an All American Breakfast Month?
Those of us with innies just get a day?

Darn, I am insulted!!

I mean, really - we don't even get a 3 day weekend for International Women's Day - it's Wednesday, for God's sake!

Seriously, though - feminism itself has not been a bad thing. Unlike many of my fellow female conservative bloggers, I remember when women did not become veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, physisists, etc., except in very rare cases.

When I was in high school, the State of Missouri had a requirement that all girls had to have one year of Home Economics before they could graduate. My high school counselor had to file special papers for me so I could exchange an AP Biology class for Home Economics.
That was not really so long ago, either - I graduated from high school in 1971. At least it doesn't seem that long ago to me!

When I went to college, there were many, many more men went on to get a higher education than women. I attended a college that had previously been an all male college - ratio of men to women about 8 to 1. I was counseled to give up on my dream to be a veterinarian because women were rarely admitted to schools of veterinary medicine. I remember being told that schools didn't want to put a lot of time into educating women in a profession when those women would just quit as soon as they got married and had children.

I was the only woman at several companies I worked for in my 20s. I had to convince a couple of companies to hire me - they told me straight out that a woman couldn't handle the hours and hard work, and I excelled in those jobs - and those companies hired more women - so, yes, my younger women friends, I did make it a little easier for you.

When my mother was born, women could not vote. That was 1918.
My grandmother could not vote until 1920 - she would have been 28 years old.

When I went to college, most of the women I knew were going to college to get their MRS degree. And many of my high school class mates did exactly that.

Fortunately, these days, the great majority of businesses and professions are open to people no matter their gender. And many conservative women bloggers think that there is no sex discrimination in business these days.

I disagree. I know of companies who hire women based first on their looks, then on their smarts. I once worked for a chain of jewelry shops - the manager of the store I worked in thought it was okay to slap my ass as he walked behind me. I complained to the owners, and I was transferred to a lower volume store - basically a halving of my commission.

On the other hand, many liberal women want to take offense at any hint of acknowledgement by men - they are offended by guys offering to help them carry a heavy projector - they are even offended if other women mention that they have cramps or are having a hot flash (yes, I have personally experienced this).

I am squarely in the middle. Both conservatives and liberals are blind to a lot of little realities -

Liberal women of the US - we are women, we bear children and this is a valuable thing. Families do not keep us barefoot and in the kitchen. We can be stay at home moms and later start a career, and be successful. Too many babies are aborted - way too many.

Conservative women - we are women, but we don't have to be baby machines to fulfill ourselves or God's will. We can work outside the home and still be good moms and wives. And the liberal women are right - there is still discrimination in employment. I've seen it, I've experienced it - not just sexual harassment, but discrimination.

It may be subtle, but believe me, it is there. I see it often. Many men do not like the idea of a woman, especially an older woman, doing well in a field that is predominantly male.

I am going on a bit too long here, but women's day, schmomen's day.
If it is a political day, fine - let's see the UN outlaw the genital mutilation of women - the imprisonment of Islamic women by husbands and fathers - the laws of Muslim countries where a man can divorce a wife at any time for any reason and keep her children and leave her nothing.

Okay, okay. Enough for now. I need to do some work!

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