March 17, 2006

Let's be Feminists!

One of my favorite bloggers - I'm Not Paranoid - has done an excellent take on modern day feminism:

I’m gonna support all employment equity programs. Even if they compare totally incomparable professions for the sole purpose of paying women more. A secretary has every right to be compared to a surveyor. An office manager has every right to be compared to a civil engineer. After all, aren’t we all equal under the skin? Why should male dominated jobs be paid more than female dominated ones? We can’t expect females to actually qualify and apply for the male dominated jobs. That would be unfair. So lets just pay ‘em the same and it’ll all be alright.

I’m gonna support ALL modern-day feminist causes. I’m gonna march in the streets. Come join me to celebrate National Women’s Day; National Women of Color Week; Women’s Career Week; All Women are Men's Victims Day; All Men are Scum Month, Kick A Man in the Balls Week; And my personal favorite – National Transgendered Cross-dressing Genitally-pierced Obese Feminist Refugee Week.

Yep, what else would a good, new age, enlightened, left-wing feminist do? I’m buying into it all baby. Lock stock and barrel.

He's brilliant. Go there now. If you don't then you are an unenlightened oaf!

Posted by RightGirl at March 17, 2006 02:03 PM