March 27, 2006

"Sorry" from the Yemeni Parliament

From News Yemen:

Sakhar Al-Wajih, deputy, proposed sarcastically during his discussion of the motorcycle drivers’ issue that the parliament should attach a sign on the front gate apologizing for its lack of intervening in problems or issues that concern the citizens.

Yayha Al-Rai, head of the session, stated that he had come to an agreement with parliament concerning the motorcycle issue.

MP Ahmed Al-Suwel, head of the committee for media and culture called for the making available of reports and documents of the parliament which is a guaranteed right of the constitution. Yayha Al-Rai stated the parliament had opened up enough to the journalists and that he will not serve the journalists’ every whim. Such talk came after 10 journalists demanded reports that had been denied them especially in the last little while.

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