April 10, 2006

Earth to the Media:

Is anyone listening?

If you read this:

Top secret memoranda sent to Al-Kadisseiya Military branch No.2205 dated 04/03/2001 and to the Headquarters of Zee karr military branch No. 246 dated: 08/03/2001 that we were informed by another memo from Ali Unit military branch No. 154 dated: 10/03/2001. We urge you to inform the above mentioned unit of the names of people wishing to volunteer for suicide action to liberate Palestine and strike American interests according to the following below for your information and to let us know.

Wouldn't you call that a threat?

Where did it come from? A terrorist group? Well, yes, it did, and that's but a drop in the bucket.

But the silence surrounding these revelations is deafening.

Important: Lest any of the lying useful idiots repeat the "new grounds for war in Iraq" meme, I'll simply direct them to this. And this (save those links--you may need to refer to them later). You know, since they like to say it's all about the WMDs. (Are the slogan-spewing leftards liars or idiots? Or both?)

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Posted by Beth at April 10, 2006 05:14 PM

Good one Beth. I sure would call it a threat!

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 12, 2006 02:17 AM