April 25, 2006


It's not on the front page of any newspaper on my desk this morning. It's not in the entire Toronto-area Metro commuter paper. It's not on Google News's front page. But in case it slipped your mind, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

As the world becomes more violent, we see many of the same patterns emerging as had done during the 30's, leading up to WWII. Poverty, discontent - all caused by the Jews, so they say. Only this time, "they" are not the Germans. They are Iran, Turkey, Iraq, the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, and Muslims the world over. Everything is the fault of the Jews. And if you didn't know that, it's because the Jews control the media, the banks, the markets, history, and the government. Don't you see? It's a vast Zionist conspiracy to rule the world!

For those of us with our feet firmly planted on this planet, we know what the above sentiments can lead to. We know it can happen again, and it scares many of us into submission. But submission isn't going to help anyone. Turning a blind eye - like Europe, America, Britain under Chamberlain, and the Vatican did in the years leading up to the extermination of 6 million Jews - is likely to bring an end to civilization as we know it.

So unless you want your daughters in burkhas and your sons fighting Jihad, it's time to learn the lessons of the past, and open your eyes.


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