April 30, 2006

The Great American Pro-Illegal Alien Boycott Hatefest

I'll be at work Monday. I plan on doing my weekly grocery shopping on Monday. I will plan on doing other consumer spending Monday.

Friday I visited my local Party City and Michael's Craftstore and picked up patriotic bunting, streamers, beads, stars, etc. and we decorated our office, including bunting across the receptionist window that will be visible to the public visiting our courthouse Monday.

One of my friend's mother is from Peru and my friend said she can't have a discussion of the pro-illegal alien events without her mom becoming very upset against what she sees as the ultimate in rude, selfish and criminal actions by illegals. She came to this country legally over 30 years ago, having to wait five years, having to prove she had substantial cash in a bank account, then having to take citizenship classes (history, English, etc) before taking her citizenship test.

There are many, many Americans of Hispanic ancestry that are appalled at this ilk that demands to exempted from the laws of the United States.

Show what side of this YOU are on Monday, by spending money and flying our nation's colors.

Posted by Darleen at April 30, 2006 11:20 AM