May 22, 2006

Help These Ten Candidates

c/p from MVRWC

Nope, not a sports reference. "The Big 10" are the ten Senators running this November that NEED (and deserve!) YOUR HELP.

They are:

Hugh Hewitt's still trying to paint the map red, and says:
As I argued on Saturday morning, it is time to start defending the Senate majority so that the next Supreme Court nominee can get through the Judiciary Committee and past a filibuster, and so that we are not saddled with a radically obstructionist Congress just as the confrontation with Iran enters its crucial phase and Iraq its first years of democratic government.

And for those of you raising an eyebrow about Mike DeWine because of the "Gang of 14" (for the record, I'm one of the Coalition of the Chillin' about that, but Hewitt is not)--
Few people have been as critical of the Gang of 14 as I have been, but I am unwilling to run the risk of losing the opportunity for the president to appoint another superb jurist or two because DeWine got the Gang of 14 wrong or isn't as tough as Jon Kyl on immigration issues.

Majorities need members who are mostly right, and especially those in the Senate who are right on judges.

For those for whom a constitutional issue is either most important or close to most important --the protection of the unborn, the right to bear arms, rebuilding the wall against the abuse of condemnation by governments eager to fill their coffers to name just three-- it is simply not possible to be cosidered serious in those attachments and yet hope for or vote for the defeat of center-right senators like DeWine.

Post long rebuttals or send angry e-mails, but don't kid yourself.

You cannot be pro-life or pro-Second Amendment or pro-property rights and urge the loss of the Senate majority.

That's like being anti-arson while voting to defund the Fire Department and making matches and gasoline available on a first come, first serve, free with a car-wash basis. know what to do. Click those links above, and help out our candidates.

Posted by Beth at May 22, 2006 04:09 PM

I'm just waivering back and forth on the upcoming elections. I want to send a clear message to conservatives that they need to listen to their base when dealing with immigration issues. I think that perhaps "teaching them a hard lesson" in 2006 might lead to a stronger conservative lineup in 2008.

Yet, as HH pointed out, it is a bit contradictory. It's tough to be a voting citizen. Voting is our power, yet we are almost handicapped in excercising that power.

Guess I have to figure this out before elections - and I need to get my husband registered to vote. Why are some men so blase about voting? Argh!

Posted by: Lyric Mezzo at May 23, 2006 01:33 AM

Here is some advice for conservatives: The republicans no longer care about you.

Their objective is to win conservative votes, correct? In order to do that, they dont have to be conservative. They just have to be more conservative than the Democrats. Which is something like saying they must be darker than white.

Further, the republicans know that even if they lose the support of many conservatives, those conservatives will still vote for them - just because a vote that isn't given to the republicans is indirectly benefiting the democrats.

Liberals have a similar problem in reverse, though to a lesser extent.

If you want a government that truely reflects the people... vote independent. Throw your vote away on the noone-party. If enough people express their dissatisfaction with the two-faction system this way, perhaps some sense can finally be restored and politicians will realise that the voters really dont want to be made to choose the lesser of two evils.

Posted by: Suricou Raven at May 23, 2006 04:56 AM