June 21, 2006

Diana Irey for Congress

Diana Irey for Congress

Murtha Must Go!

John Murtha. 30 years of service in the Marine Corps, and he says he would not join the military today if he were of age to do so. THAT is how Murtha, a military retiree and an elected Congressman, serves our country--by anti-recruiting and by slandering the members who currently serve. I respect the man's time in the Marine Corps, but that time has long past, and the spirit of the Corps has long ago left him. These days, he's (rightfully) referred to as "Osama's Congressman," among other things.

It is time for Murtha to GO. But that's not the only reason why you should support Diana Irey. As said at Irey's website:

Thirty two years is a long time to spend in Washington. For decades, western Pennsylvania looked to John Murtha to stand up for our values. But as the years have drifted by, John Murtha has drifted further and further from the ideals that made this country great. He has become part of the problem in Washington.

While John Murtha is calling for an immediate withdrawal from the war against terror, Diana Irey has been standing steadfastly by our fighting men and women and is committed to finishing the job. And while John Murtha is voting to tax our social security benefits, Diana Irey has been holding the line on taxes and government spending.

And then there's this:
Irey appeared on a national morning show Tuesday, saying Murtha has lost touch with 12th district constituents. She also called for Murtha to apologize for his comments about the Marine scandal.

"(Murtha) stated this when in fact not a single Marine has been charged. By doing this, he served as prosecutor, judge, and jury, and that's not the way we do things in America," Irey said.

Video from her on Fox News HERE. (I can't find the bit from Fox & Friends.)

Here's an interview with Diana Irey conducted by The Blog from the Core, where she also spoke about the illegal immigration issue:

“A huge problem. It needs to stop. We need to secure our borders, first and foremost. We need to do something to deal with all the people that are here. And it drives me crazy when I hear that we’ve captured illegals and then we let them go.”

What about amnesty for illegal aliens?

“I don’t agree with amnesty. I don’t think it is a good idea. Amnesty violates our rule of law. ...."

Diana Irey is right for her district, and right for America. Murtha is out of touch with his district and out of touch with America.

SUPPORT DIANA IREY for Congress! I just contributed (again) to Diana Irey's campaign. I know she needs our help to beat John Murtha and the Washington special interests, so I hope you will make a contribution as well.

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