August 23, 2006

T & A (now that I have your attention)

I have been discussing vlogging this week with my Cotillion blogger friends. Hell, I did a couple of vlogs way back, just for yucks & to try out my new camera. No, not because I wanted to be read by those who liked my boobs (most saggy boobed women can buy a new Victoria’s Secret bra & voi’la - good cleavage - so I’ve heard). These dang mammary glands that were used to nurse my kids are there, but I will not show them to gain blog readers. Are people that desperate to get 15 minutes? Don’t answer that - I watch reality shows too.

I guess we go back to the reason I blog (I won’t speak for others): 1. for fun 2. a healthy addiction 3. I enjoy reading other blogs 4. I enjoy sharing ideas & thoughts with others in the world 5. money? nah- gave up on that idea a long time ago - but who wou;dn’t want to make money doing what they love? 6. Friendships - you betcha I have “real” friends who I have met on the internet & in person & those I get to keep intouch with who I knew way before blogging was a household word.

Am I soooo desperate to get traffic & gain readers that I will “sex” up my blog? Nope, I could probably do without “those types” of readers. So why are female top bloggers selling out to share some T&A - because that is the way the world works - sex sells. You want to “break” into the news world or become a world famous blogger that is read & viewed by any idiot that can log on to U-tube & watch a fat guy sing a Shakira song (my kids love that one)?

Bloggers and the goals of blogging have evolved since I’ve been in the game. All I can say is, it hasn’t changed me one bit, still the same Greta that started blogging way back when. Still looking for 15 minutes? I would love to gain more readers as I feel my blog is worthy of more notariety, but I’m not going to kill myself doing it. And certainly, you will not see my tits!

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