October 25, 2006

Hideous Spam Circulating via email!

I am writing this off-topic to inform that some of my friends have received an email from my email address, whose subject is “What do you think?”. I received such an email from a friend, but - once I naively clicked on the link in that message - that “Love Happens” website automatically sent an email invitation to all of my contacts!

I already sent heads-up to my Contacts list warning them not to click on the link inside the message, because it automatically would send an email invitation to your contacts by using your email address!

If you are still in time, don’t even open that email with the above-mentioned subject. Delete it. If you already opened, I hope at least you did not click on the link. If you did, be aware that it is not a virus, but a spam. So, immediately send heads-up to all of your contacts and let them know that this kind of trash is circulating via email and many of us fell victim of it.

Thanks and I am sorry for those who received such a trash from my email address.

My email messages always show my nick name “Stefania 82″, not the entire email address .

Whenever you receive an email supposedly from “me” whose sender name is not my nick “Stefania 82″, just delete it.

Posted by Stephania at October 25, 2006 01:25 PM