November 20, 2006


Thanksgiving week is here, and soon everyone's going to be racing around to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family, decorating their homes, going to holiday parties, and spending time with loved ones.

Well, not everyone. Many are going to be spending the holidays in Iraq or Afghanistan or deployed to other hostile locations, without their families. Still others will have left there already via medevac. It is for them that Operation Santa was born, and specifically, Operation Santa/Bethesda-Walter Reed:

I know that they'd rather be back with their units in Iraq or Afghanistan AND at home with their loved ones but they can't be either place. They must be there to heal.

I am pleased to announce the newest Operation Santa venture: Operation Santa/Bethesda and Walter Reed. It will work mostly the same was as the other Operation Santas. We want to bring them a stuffed stocking and a little bit of home. Candy canes, cookies, crackers, ornaments, cards, books, dvds, cd's, batteries, new socks.

You can help us do this. You can send some Christmas cheer to a wounded servicemember at Bethesda or Walter Reed. You can donate money, you can donate gift cards from Sam's, Walmart, Target, etc. You can donate material goods.You can make a difference in a servicemember's holiday away from home.

All this is being organized by Carrie, whom you've probably seen around the blogs in comments, and Andi of Andi's World.

Says Andi:

You can make a tax-deductible donation here. Please be sure to note that your donation is specifically for Operation Santa/Bethesda and Walter Reed, otherwise your donation will go to the general fund for Operation Santa.

Donations by mail can be sent to:

Marine Corps Family Foundation
4000 Lancaster Drive- Suite 57
Salem, OR 97309

Thanks in advance for your help. It's hard to describe the joy these troops feel when strangers work to ensure that their Christmas is as good as it possibly can be.

Use Pay Pal - send your donations to, make sure you note that the donation is for Operation Santa--Bethesda/Walter Reed.

(Thanks, Carrie--you rock!)

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Posted by Beth at November 20, 2006 05:32 PM

As a Marine Officer's wife, I thank you for what you all are doing to remember those dirty, lonely and heroic men and women this holiday season.Last year, my Hunky Husband spent his tour in the dirt and was comforted by generosity and kindness much like you are organizing here.

IT MATTERS. Every little or big thing you can do MATTERS. As a helpless wife who did all she could for him, but had loose ends to tie MATTERED TO ME. Thank you.

I blogged my gratitude for my beloved husband in a love letter to The Marine Corps in November. I link it here only so that you might know how comforted I AM , that apparently, you all feel the same.

If the link does not work you can find it on my blog under Jane's Favorite Posts. It is entitled ONE CITIZEN'S GIFT. Its not a poem, just a short letter.

Semper Fi Ladies.

Posted by: seejanemom at December 3, 2006 04:42 PM

I think, people that will spend their holidays in Iraq or Afghanistan receive money for being there, it's their job!

Posted by: Jess at December 7, 2006 08:30 AM