December 24, 2006

We Want it All

Dear Santa,

The girls at the Cotillion have been very very good this year (we have low standards). We've made our lists out and hope you can leave some of the items under our tree tonight.

Right Girl wants:
* two million dollars and a jet or a bowl of delicious Raisin Bran (which ever is easier).
* to get rid of her silly born-in Canada problem.
* bring back Ronald Reagan to save the world again.
* a diamond big enough to live in ( like that little old woman in a shoe, but with $)
* a road that goes wherever she wants with no traffic and NO COPS!

Merri wants:
* a new kitchen and bathroom remodel
* a pony, and a pool boy - even though she don't have a pool. So feel free to throw in the pool.

Romeocat wants:
*this, with the iPod and XM connections
* she also wants this...

The Median Sib
* Realistic: A Treo
* Fantasy: Her new house to instantly and perfectly appear

Beth D wants:
* the same thing she has asked for for the past 8 years - A Clean House & she knows she won't get it. So please leave her something nice.

Beth C has a lengthy list, so please give her something on it!
* she wants an extreme home makeover! (Ty where are you?)
* Money!!!
* an i-pod
* A new digital camera! or a DSLR camera!!!!!
* Botox (please supply the needles and the cute plastic surgeon to go with)
* IPL/laser and/or microdermabrasion (she's been feeling old lately)
* A clean house with a MAID and a cook, but without my having to get a job or get married. ;-)
* a puppy
* Lasik
* a new Volvo. Preferably, an S80.

Greta wants:
*a new laptop workhorse
* to be settled into her new home without any glitches in January

Fausta wants:
* Bolton back at the UN and two tylenol.
* a nice sterling silver American Indian turquose bracelet.

BSC Beth wants:
* well she doesn't actually know what she wants but she would like but would gladly take an entirely VULGAR diamond ring. Something like Elizabeth Taylor would wear. (she has earned the right to wear vulgar jewelry)

Jane wants:
*a carpet steam cleaner
* a small wallet
* perfume

Beth Wwants::
* her dream gift? to be debt free- TODAY
* her realistic gift? - a new puppy (a mini daschhund).

Caltech Girl wants:
* doesn't want any puppies. Princess is plenty :-)
* one of thesebeautiful Audis.
* a vulgar diamond
* her hubby not falling asleep in the middle of a conversation just once.
* enough $$ to go buy a house.

Linda SOG wants:
* a little more than she's ever gonna get (you decide)

Wild Thing wants:
to have enough fun money to redo her kitchen counters and cupboards.

* a house that her & hubby can AFFORD and isn't a cardboard box in the alley behind K-mart
* less expensive, Lasiks

To those who didn't write you this year that are part of the Cotillion, we have a few suggestions:
*The Wine Bra this would be useful for Margaritas too
* The Jesus Magic 8 ball to help us make thos important decisions
* peta membership (just kidding, we wanted to see if you were really reading)
* A South Park Belly Button Ring for those with naval piercings (or other)

* We would all like this Audrey Hepburn replica taiara - feel free to leave real diamond ones under our trees

* We would also love this margarita gold pendant

We hope you and Mrs. Clause have a wonderful Christmas and we would like to welcome her to join the Cotillion. She would look pretty cute with a tiara on!


The Ladies of The Cotillion

Posted by Greta at December 24, 2006 04:41 PM

Merry Christmas!

I hope you get 90 percent of what you want!

Posted by: Consul-At-Arms at December 25, 2006 12:08 AM

Well shit, that's what I get for not paying attention. But I got what I wanted for Christmas so I guess it doesn't matter now anyway. ;-)

That was cute!

Posted by: c.a. Marks at January 5, 2007 04:45 PM