February 17, 2007

Bi-partisan Defeat

I expected the Democrats in the United States to vote in favor of having our asses kicked by Jihadis in Iraq, but the fact that 17 so-called Republicans also voted for our defeat adds brutal insult to fatal injury.

"Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W. Bush, announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to Iraq," the resolution said.
Just when Moqtada al Sadr is on the run, hiding out with his heathen homeboys in Iran, congress pulls the rug out from under the surge. Cowardliness has long been a hallmark of the Democratic party (think Jimmy Carter), but the idea that the party who was willing to lose lives by the tens of thousands to fight for equality for all men in 1860 has become as yellow as the donkeys in 2007 is depressing and disgusting. If I were a US voter, living in a district represented by one of the 17 people who had lost their nerve, their patriotism and their balls, I would be organizing a lynch mob. Lucky for them, I'm not. So in lieu of lynching (which just creates bad press anyway), people who live in these districts need to stand up and make their outrage heard. Write, call, scream outside their office if need be (expect to get carted to a mental ward if you try this, unless you are in a large group - then it's a protest).

So who is on the black list (or should that be yellow list)? Who ought to be ostracized for not backing those men currently serving thousands of miles away, facing death and destruction on all sides, including now - sadly - the home front?

Mike Castle - Delaware Howard Coble - North Carolina 6th Tom Davis - Virginia's 11th John J. Duncan Jr. - Tennessee's 2nd Phil English - Pennsylvania's 3rd Wayne Gilchrist - Maryland's 1st Bob Inglis - South Carolina's 4th Tim Johnson - Illinois' 15th (I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say) Walter B. Jones - North Carolina's 3rd Ric Keller - Florida's 8th Mark Kirk - Illinois' 10th (I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say) Stephen LaTourette - Ohio's 14th Ron Paul - Texas' 14th Tom Petri - Wisconsin's 6th Jim Ramstad - Minnesota's 3rd Fred Upton - Michigan's 6th Jim Walsh - New York's 25th
All men (if they can still be called that). Maybe they need to spend a little quality time with some Blue Star mothers from their districts. They can explain to those fine ladies why they feel that those women's sons are not worth supporting.

Further to this, there is a new website out called Victory Caucus. I have chosen to participate in this site as a contributer - as a non-American, it is the only way I can be involved. Not for me the phonecalls to congressmen, or the letter-writing campaigns. But please, those of you who are American voters, please visit Victory Caucus and learn how to get involved in the process of victory in Iraq, victory over terror, and victory in 2008.

Posted by RightGirl at February 17, 2007 02:28 PM