April 30, 2007

Debutante Interview #2- Right Girl

1. Blog name/names?
Girl on the Right, Canadian Angels

2. On-line name/names?
RightGirl, Wendy Sullivan

3. #1 reason you blog?

4. Your blogging topic passion/passions?
Terrorism and the military

5. How long have you been either blogging &/or reading blogs?
Three years

6. #1 pet peeve of bloggers?
Low stats

7. How do you deal with trolls?
Ridicule or ignore them

8. Best advice to someone who wants to start a blog?
Stick with it until it becomes part of your soul.

9. Best advice to parent for internet safety for children?
Pay attention. Don't assume anything.

10.Where do you see blogging 5 years from now?
It will be more streamlined as those who couldn't hack it will be gone, leaving the rest of us to run the show.

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