May 09, 2007

National Military Appreciation Month

I see hundreds of them on the road and in parking lots every day. All different colors and designs. Some yellow, some red, white and blue, some a combination. They all say the same thing. There is a yellow one on the back of my truck right now.

Support the Troops.

A fine notion, and one that America has not truly embraced since WWII. There were plenty of troops to support in-between now and then. I attended Support the Troops rallies during Desert Storm, including one on Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami. and now, Most of the rallies we see are anti-war rallies run by socialist/communists who consider America to be the enemy.

But, there are all those magnets. All those people who claim to support the troops. Spend your $5.00, stick it on the back of your vehicle and go on your merry way, doing all the day to day things in your life made possible by those very same troops.

What if... what if you met one of those troops face to face. One of those troops who spent several nights sleeping in a hollow in the sand, like those pictures you saw last year in your email? One of those troops who took Baghdad from Saddam's Army in less time than it took Reno to massacre the Branch Davidians? One of those troops who went door to door in Fallujah, under fire by terrorists. One of those troops who were running a supply convoy and ran into an I.E.D. One of those troops stateside, moving the vast machinery that is our United States Military, keeping the machine well oiled and running smooth so those overseas can do what they must do?

Would you show him your magnet?

The freedom and security that citizens of the United States enjoy today are direct results of the blood shed and continued vigilance given by the United States Armed Forces over the history of our great nation.

The U.S. House of Representatives does not support our troops. The U.S. Congress has abandoned them too. and... unfortunately, not all of our troops have the support of their families and their friends. Some of our troops are out there, in harm's way, cut off and isolated from home. They need our support. Write one of them!

There are so many things you can do to show your appreciation. The National Military Appreciation Month website has some excellent suggestions, and the USO has a listing of special activities and offers from companies who support our troops.

If you want to know what's happening in your state, there's this:

I was very disappointed in Florida when I followed that link, and I'm gonna do something about it. Click on the graphic, check out what your state is doing, and either participate or get something started yourself.

You can make a difference. Do it!

Posted by LindaSoG at May 9, 2007 06:54 AM