May 31, 2007

An Army Of Bloggers

cancersucks2.jpgMy grandfather died of cancer. What kind escapes me right now and does it really matter what kind it was cancer. I'm sure you can tell me about one of your loved ones who is, or was, afflicted with this hideous disease as well.

GM Roper has formed an Army of Bloggers and what better way to use the blogosphere than to help fight cancer, in all of its nastiness. Or at least throw down a challenge to start; take some action. Something. Anything.


Cancer is no respecter of race, religion, social status, income or profession. It is an insidious disease that robs people of a quality of life and too often, of life itself. This blog has one purpose, and one purpose only, to enroll as many bloggers in An Army Of Bloggers as possible and to encourage them to make an annual contribution to fighting cancer.


More Details at Army Of Bloggers

leukemia-logo.gifSo I have chosen Leukemia as my annual charity. Actually, to be more specific, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because someone close to me lost his father to Leukemia. The little bits and pieces I am able to soothe from my loved one, in regards to his father, leads me to believe that he extended immeasurable love and generosity towards others that one could have ever had the pleasure to encounter. I wish I had.

I have also subscribed to the Society's News Feeds. You'll see, on occasion, some Google sharing going on in the sidebar with the Leukemia Society & Health news updates.

OK then, as of this posting here's who is in thus far:

Rhymes With Right
My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
And Rightly So
Texas Fred
The Median Sib
An Army of Bloggers
Blue Star Chronicles
The Ranando Report
Lubbock Marine Parents
GM's Corner
Right Truth

Nice to see some of the Cotillion on board.

Take action, get in and fight.

logo_bbb.gifOh, a little bit of advice when looking for charities - look for the logo on prospect's website (shown here) and click on it to get stats and data on the organization. I know, call me cynical but one can never be too careful I suppose.

An Army Of Bloggers - GM Roper lost his sister in 1990 to ovarian cancer.

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