June 28, 2007

"Night of the Living Dead (Shamnesty Edition)" ends happily

... or does it?

Here's my (limited) understanding of this whole moronic process: First, they killed this bill last month (wasn't it?), except they didn't really 'cause it was more like it turned into this vampire/ghoul thing-y since it revived on Tuesday and the Senate was like the clueless people in Sunnydale (if you don't know the reference, don't worry about it) and helped it out of the grave, but then today they decided they didn't want a zombie cluttering up the senate floor with all its stinkiness and rot, so they buried it again.

However, according to a friend of mine, when Feinstein (D- CA) made her remarks after the vote today, she implied that this might come up again, although not before 2009.

Night of the Living Dead (Shamnesty Edition), 3.0!!!!

Is all of this as confusing to you as it is to me? I would think that our Founding Fathers didn't intend for their posterity to have such a hard time knowing and understanding what their elected officials were up to!

And, I note that Warner (RINO - VA) and Webb (DemoRAT - VA) both voted to "kill" this monster... after voting to revive it, of course.

They're good friends with John "Flip-Flop" Kerry, right?

You know, senators, that a nice wooden stake, some silver bullets and perhaps some garlic might be of use...

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Posted by Romeocat at June 28, 2007 03:09 PM