September 18, 2007

SQUIRM, John Murtha, you anti-military, libelous B*ST*RD!

I wonder, if enough people confront him on the record like this, if he might actually eventually issue a grudging apology.

And to think that this... person... was once in the Marines himself. You note I don't say "was once a Marine," because I suspect that a true Marine would never condemn his younger brothers without evidence or a hearing.

I hope one or more of the accused and now exonerated Marines *DO* sue him for libel or slander. After all, Murtha's remarks weren't made on the congressional floor, and so his immunity is a moot point...

Here's what Murtha said last year:

But when Jason Mattera, of Young America's Foundation confronted him today, Murtha couldn't even address the issue. "I served in Korea and Viet Nam!"

Yeah? So? Even a Viet Nam and Korean War vet should have to answer for his egregious abuse of his position to smear our military!

SQUIRM, you maggot!

Thanks so much to Jason Mattera for his pursuit of an answer, and to Bryan at Hot Air for posting the video!

And Gateway Pundit adds to the pile on... [rubbing hands together in gleeful delight] Make sure you read it all, and then poke around in the comments section at Hot Air... and then follow the trackbacks... Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if Murtha was forced to resign in disgrace (he won't: DemonRAT(icks) like this don't have the spine to do the right thing)...?

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Posted by Romeocat at September 18, 2007 05:29 PM