April 17, 2008



Several bloggers associated with the right-wing female mafia known as "the Cotillion," or "Tiara Media," have begun a cookbook project. This promises to be the biggest and most luxurious bloggers' food guide ever, notwithstanding our emphasis on speed, convenience, and how to get epicurean results when you can barely pry yourself away from your keyboard.

But we need your help. We'll need other bloggers, blog commenters, website designers, parents, writers, and others who are pressed for time to tell us:

- your favorite recipes; and/or
- your favorite season of the year to cook, and why; and/or
- your favorite ingredient, and why; and/or
- your favorite songs to pay on your laptop or iPod while you're cooking; and/or
- your favorite piece of kitchen equipment--what is the one tool they can pry from your cold, dead hands? AND
- your URL.

Also, please give us your real name, and SPECIFY IF WE CAN USE THIS IN THE BOOK, or whether we need to still with your screen name.

Please send all your submission to me; I'll distribute them to the editors and recipe testers who are working on this book. We'll need your material (the recipes especially!) by the end of the first week in June, as the book proposal goes out that same month--and the nature of the project will be shaped by your contributions!

Joy McCann
Little Miss Attila

miss.attila . . . AT . . . gmail . . . DOT . . . com

Posted by Attila Girl at April 17, 2008 12:28 PM