July 06, 2005

It's dance time this week

It's dance time this week for the ladies of the cotillion, some of whom are donning their black leather jackets and motorcycle boots to go down and catch the punk groups that are now starting to tour again, such as X.

Remember that you can dance for real if it's new wave music, but if it's outright punk you're going to either do the pogo or the worm. We'll look ravishing doing it, as long as we remembered to cut our hair into mohawks— or dye it burgundy. Or at least give it that Laurie Anderson look.

Ilyka Damen has fun with the Code Pink 4th of July "celebration"—complete with its talking points written by a man.

Christina at Feisty Repartee shares some colorful memories of her mother's passion for gambling—particularly on the Las Vegas strip.

e-claire has a special potato salad recipe!

Dr. Sanity discusses denial—and,
not so incidentally, the Democratic Party.

Girl on the Right analyzes

the implications of Canada's new bill, that (as I understand it)outlaws discrimination against gay couples by CHURCHES. Of course, this is a very strange notion to the Stateside mind, but that's because some sense of church-state separation has probably worked its way permanently into my brain.

Darleen has a Stateside meditation
in honor of our Independence Day on the nature of being "American." (Of course, some of her points can be extended to all North American culture, and some apply to Western Europe as well. But she starts in the U.S., in honor of Independence Day.)

Florida Cracker discusses the interesting developments in Iran.

Crystal Clear discusses the practicality
of JPL's/NASA's latest endeavor—bringing out the sexists in her comments section. (I kid you not; one of these gentlemen conflated "science" with "arithmetic," and then denigrated her intelligence! It was priceless.)

Stefania at the delightful bilingual blog Free Thoughts shares her convictions about the G8 summit, focusing on 1) debt relief for the corrupt nations in Africa, and 2) the situation in Iran. Regarding the matter of African aid, she wisely opines:

Free money is inherently corrupting in a poor society. It is a dangerous drug, and it is irresponsible to prescribe it without close supervision to counteract negative side effects.

While discussing on how to reduce poverty and help the countries and peoples in need, the G8 leaders should commit themselves to promote democracy and self-government in Africa. They should help strengthen the newborn democracies like Senegal, Nigeria and a few others.

Can I get an "amen"?

Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights scores an interview with Velociman.

And Lisa over at Just a Girl in the World mulls over the issues of freedom vs. respect for the American flag.

OI! Go read 'em!

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