July 06, 2005

Faith and begora! Kick

Faith and begora! Kick Up Yer Heels! Why on a fione day (and any day the ladies of the Cotillion gather together is a foine old day) such as this, there is nothing for it but to grab a kilted man and dance a jig and a reel! And aren't our friends, Little Miss Attila, Reasoned Audacity, and Jody from Steal the Bandwagon throwing good parties at their own establishments, even as we gather? Be sure and check in with all the Cotillion Hostesses to make sure you miss none of the fun, the chatter and the information you need!

Can't get enough of Tom and Katie?? (Look, there is Tom, now, hopping around from couch to couch. The boy doesn't really know how to jig, but he seemes pretty jagged.) Are you wondering about Scientology and whether it is right for you? Well, when it comes to Absinthe and Cookies ...the girl's been at the punchbowl a little too long, I think. She has a test for you to take to see if you, too, can hang with Tom and his pals.
Common Sense Runs Wild Janette is less amusing and clearly fifty times as disturbing writing, as she is, about Joseph Edward Duncan. I don't post these terrible stories, myself, but thank goodness others have the fortitude to. Tammy at A Mom and Her Blog is also writing about this story and wondering how it is that someone like this is walking the streets? She's also pretty angry and her language is a bit salty...but being a Celtic dance, I think we can bear it.

Our wonderful and gracious veteran Baldilocks is hanging back with leery eyes, making sure that no one is crashing the party, but she wouldn't mind a dance, I think, if one was offered. She has a few words for those who believe that the recent Gitmo visit made by various and sundry VIP's was a "whitewash." If a unit isn't taking care of business in the first place—that is, living up to the objective mission standard set before it—no amount of cosmetic clean-up will be able to hide that unit's incompetence and/or perfidy.

And that's not Bravo Sierra!
Ever wanted to walk the Presidential Traverse? Okay, it's walking, not jigging, reeling or skipping, but Raven at has hiked it and she makes quite a wonderful tour guide, this week.
CakeEater, meanwhile, is having none of the dance and is over there with tell-tale bits of frosting on her mug - she is rather livid about Green Day at Live 8 or I do believe she'd be kicking and bending with the rest of us.

"Freaking idiot," comes a loud remark from a corner. Annika needs some air, she's getting hot! She is giving you what you need, a Freaking Idiot's Guide to the Supreme Court! Fed up with the inane callers into C-Span (I can't believe she watches it, when there are all these men in kilts!) she has created a handy pocket reference to the SCOTUS, which is actually pretty helpful for everyone, to be honest.
BoboBlogger, on the other hand, has some thoughts about freedom of religion, and liberty in general in these United States. She's not calling anyone a "freaking idiot" but she does let you know where to get off! :-)

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has just Come back from Paris...PARIS, my dear, where she found the French pleasant and in complete denial about pretty much anything going on in the world. It's an interesting post and you'll want to read it all.

Sadly, as we move about the room, we see that it's not all fun and games, there are always some who must keep the fires of our awareness burning, and we bless them for it, as we bless Jane at Armies of Liberation for her information regarding the children being held in Yemeni prisons. There is so much pain in the world - so much to pray about and work on.

And while I hate to continue the sad note - not the way I would wish to end this tour of the dancefloor - I must lead you to a chair and give you some very terrible news, about one of our own. Cotillion lady Carol, the American Housewife has sadly this past week lost her dear husband. She and her children need our prayers and condolences, and the Cotillion is taking up a collection for them. No, you don't know them, and you don't need to contribute. But if you would...well...God is never outdone in generosity. You will be a blessing, and blessings will be yours in return. To donate, simply click here:

Donations for Carol and her children.

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