June 21, 2005

Aloha! Please allow me


Aloha! Please allow me to make it Crystal Clear, how very pleased I am to be co-hosting this week's Cotillion with Tammy of A Mom and Her Blog and Sadie of A Fistful of Fortnights.

However, instead of diamond tiaras this week , it is going to be a luau at the links here...right near Diamond Head Waikikikey_key030804_101047_1...

Those pumps, pearls, and white gloves can become so terribly wearisome week after week, I thought it would be nice for you and all of these lovely wahines to wiggle those toes in the sand and enjoy a lovely balmy breeze. So sit back and enjoy a tropical drink

Coconutcup ...oops almost forgot the cute little parasolParasolsthat every tropical drink needs...and your lovely orchid lei Orchidlei...

Enjoy Hanging Loose but SondraK's Knowledge is Power shows us what happens when the Left "Hangs a tad too Loose" .

Over at FreeThoughts , Iranian Activists attacked in Los Angeles Protest! shows us how too much LA sun can fry not only your skin but common sense and decency as well...

The sickness you feel from reading 36000 by Lila of Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room won't be from the Mai Tais or Kalua pig or poi but it is a very necessary and sobering read...Another post also sobering but a must read and one you will also want to pass onto everyone you know and even those you don't know is Merri Musings' Stop the ACLU! Blogburst post this week- Teens and Abortion

HulagirlNicely moving us back to a bit of thoughtful comic relief we have On the Record by Florida Cracker.

KelliPundit shares interesting thoughts concerning the Gitmo Attacker...

Father's Day might be 363 days away or 2 days past but Ilyka Damen's Conversations with my Father is a must read any day of the yearTikis_1

Little Miss Atilla is going to find this luau and the food ain't nothing quite like That Coffee Shop in Skokie

Disturbin' Durbin at Not a Desperate Housewife makes me wish Durbin would really just consider a career change...Honest to goodness I saw a want ad for a Fire Dancer Fire_dancerlast week in the Honolulu Advertiser...How steep could that learning curve be...hmmm???? Or perhaps he Naval_maneuvers_1would look better in a hula skirt?

Well before we find ourselves 'all pau',

Girl on the Right makes a great point in Communist Country Spied on by Communist Country

And finally... Beth of MVRWC shares her own thoughts on Why the Blogosphere Sucks and receives some help clarifying the reasons we would all be much better off spending time out on the beach...or you know...that whole other kind of water thing people are referring to when they say "Surf's up"...

Well yes...the time has come for me to say Mahalo to you for stopping by this luau at the links and to say Aloha ...again...as well...If you find you have to put those nasty ol' shoes back on...Please make sure you hula yourself on over to The Cotillion and also stop by to say Aloha to my co-hostesses, Tammy and Sadie...

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