June 10, 2005

From Sondra K: We've been

From Sondra K:

We've been sadly informed that despite all our efforts (mine vis a vis) our 82nd Airborne Division has slipped through our troop support radar somehow in the mad shuffle of paperwork and info transfer. We have approx. 2000 guys and gals that need our letters and thoughts right now during this hard fought battle and I KNOW we can cover each and every one! Please, peeps....this is VERY important...don't ask why, just DO!

Contact either Stepperg or Sondra K for information. We'll forward to the brass and you'll get a reply within a day. Let's get back in gear, folks!
They willingly serve our country, risk their lives continually and sacrifice for our freedoms... yeah, I think the least we could do is send them some mail.
Posted by JanetteS at June 10, 2005 12:53 AM

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