June 07, 2005

The Ball This week's


The Ball

This week's Cotillion is co-hosted and brought to you by yours truly, Merri Musings,
and The American Princess.Grab your dance card, or if you prefer; your drink,
sweetheart because you will be dancing your way through the ball morning, noon,
and night.

It is of my greatest honor, privilege and pride to be of service and to perform the
duty of presenting the following ladies of the web for your reading pleasure.


Florida Cracker - On the one-year anniversary of the death of President Reagan,
remember that without Nancy, there would be no Reagan legacy.

Right Girl pulls Amnesty International into question and says the following
regarding the report on Guantanimo Bay , "The United States strongly believes
in freedom of the press, but how much more are they going to tolerate before
they finally put their foot down? And what recourse does the government have?
Can they even sue for libel? Will it do any good?"

Ilyka Damen with a self proclamation of being an internet scolder. At least
she has the guts to do it online. I just rant about it in my head and never
publish. You go girl.


Sondra K of the ever brilliant Knowledge is Power blog tells you to get your
red purple markers out and wants to know which games, in schools, are deemed
and self-affirming. I believe Miss Sondara K. is using her absolute powerful
knowledge and letting us know this is a bunch of crap. I would say I have to
agree. Don't you?

Attila Girl calls attention to the plight of illegal immigrants in this country.
She references an article in a pro-life publication by a former social worker
who counsels women outside abortion clinics. The question: "are we condoning
and promoting a system of indentured servitude in this country?" The answer isn't
clear, but we need to think about it.

To get the information on the Soldier Ride then go visit

Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room. The ride began on May 21, 2005 with a wheel-dip in
the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles, and will be completed on July 19 at Montauk,
New York.


Merri of Merri Musings waltzes down memory lane and muses on how the world has
changed, not necessarily for the better. Has society become more tolerant of
criminals all for the sake of humane treatment? How do parents raise children
in a world full of angst and fear, while protecting them from the evil that exists
in those they are taught to respect and look to for guidance?

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy gives us her weighty thought and suggestion on
what to do with the Koran; ban them from prison "because they consider their
book to be the direct words of Allah and have all sorts of rules about how it
may be handled. So isn’t it desecration to allow their “holy” book to be in a prison
or jail?" I would say that is a most excellent suggestion.

Not A Desperate Housewife states her tolerance of ALL religions but has something
to say about the extremist Islamics view of their treatment towards women. She also
provides some helpful links to help better understand the plight of women in the
Arab world.

Written by Carol, An American Housewife.

Posted by JanetteS at June 7, 2005 06:29 AM

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