June 07, 2005

Welcome, one and all, to

Welcome, one and all, to WEEK TWO of the biggest shindig around:
Will this party never end?

Not as long as we're around.

So welcome one and all to the Cotillion

the Lillith Fair of the Conservative Blogosphere...

(...of course, with waaaay better shoes, shaved armpits,
well-supported clevage, clean hair, and men's bathrooms)

And intelligent, beautiful, conservative women.

Three adjectives that were made for each other.

So heeeereee weeee gooooo...

Well, come on down--looks like everyone's a winner on the Price is Right, including a certain someone who's been on the news lately. Seems a book deal isn't the closest link that Mr. W. Mark Felt has to a million dollars--he's gotta daytime game show doppelganger, according to Tammy and her ever-observant Other Half...

Several months ago, there was an outbreak of political knitting, bringing people--or more specifically, liberals--together in the United Kingdom. It seemed like we might have a brand new form of protest on our hands, but the idea's got a remarkably good side and Carol has got some insight on how the world's most addicitive hobby is really bringing people (and cultures) closer than you think...all the way to Afghanistan, via New York City...

Accent, what accent? Of course, for those of us wont to drop a couple of vowels to go with our oh-so-sophisticated midwestern accents, there's a distinct need for this kind of a generous gesture on the part of a native New Englander--And Rightly So! (and for the record, I'd never ask her to say "park the car by the Harvard yard"--so long as no one makes me explain why Coney Dogs originated on Lafayette Avenue)--the New England Dialectical Dictionary.

Jane is taking on the status quo of the Yemeni government, and the peanut gallery is cheering like hippies at a Phish concert (Dan Rather, eat your heart out). But like anything wildly popular with the people of a Middle Eastern state, the Yemeni government naturally hated the article--calling Ms. Jane, "A docile student of a monkey monk."

If only we were so lucky, Jane. Its not every day one of us gets a leg up on totalitarianism.

Women drivers: can't live with 'em and you can't live in Saudi Arabia if you are one:

"Driving by women leads to evil," Munir al-Shahrani wrote in a letter to the Al-Watan daily. "Can you imagine what it would be like if her car broke down? She would have to seek help from men."
A more probable solution, from the blogerette herself: "If only these neanderthals were crossing the street while I was behind the wheel of my Hummer- yeah babababy!"
For any of you who might be harboring a bit of sympathy to runaway bride Jennifer Willbanks, Janette has got a little something that you should look into--or listen in to, as the case may be, and some very good reasons as to why Ms. Willbanks has a lot of thinking to do, and at probably more than a couple of doctors to visit...

Crystal is about to say goodbye to "Mexifornia" and hello to the Aloha state, but not until she's clear about how the great state of California is about to start charging its taxpayers for lawsuits stemming from what appears to be a violation of federal law over educational proficiency testing--and a paradox to ponder, with a hint: "Somebodies don't like NCLB and are acting out a bit of passive aggressiveness..."

In this weeks episode, Darleen discovers the terrible, dark and dirty secret of the new "progressive" website TPMCafe. Don't let that sweet, sexy exterior fool you, on the inside what appears to be all sugar and ringlets is really the devil in disguise--like that evil stepsister on Days of Our Lives...complete with the poster boy, himself, John "Coif Coture" Edwards. But with a smile!

So who wasn't offended by that San Francisco 49er's tape? According to e-Claire, in this awesome post--just about no one worth their weight in whining ability--even a few select groups who are a just a little offended that they didn't get included in the fun and games in the first place. Of course, I think my dog, six guinea pigs, a few fish, some residents of the Gulf Coast, and a couple of midges in Iowa weren't included. I smell lawsuit!
Feisty Christina has a beautiful posts about an unexpected casualty of the Vietnam war, and a story that you seldom hear, that of a Vietnamese woman, coming of age in pre-war and wartime Saigon--a woman who lost much of her and her homeland, and later her child, finding littel but sorrow in a strange and alien land, suffering isolation and abuse. Her story is touching, and as they say in the Oprah Book Club world, a Must Read, because its about her mom.
Feminist? Hell, no. Sadie refutes that cheesy implication by certain unnamed bloggers that a woman is a feminist simply because she holds strong opinions, like, well, the lovely collection of young women here. Why sholdn't we be proud of our pearls? After all, we are women, smart and beautiful, who want real men (wussies need not apply), no longer enslaved by the shackles of feminist idealism, of perceived opression, and gender quotas.
So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
I do declare that this Cotillion has been a rousing good time!
And we all looked beautiful!

Now its time to put down those top hats, pick up those nachoes,
dust of your dancing shoes, and take a breather
for as long as it takes to navigate the links
because the fun isn't over yet, thankfully.

You have two even lovelier ladies left on your dance cards:

Over at An American Housewife:

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Girl on the Right
Ilyka Damen
Knowledge Is Power: SondraK.com
Little Miss Attila
Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room
Merri Musings

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And then....Merri Musings (which you can't forget because this group includes me):

small dead animals
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TFS Magnum
The American Princess
The Anchoress
The Bad Hair Blog
Who Tends the Fires
Yeah, Right, Whatever

And then head over for the afterparty, at The Cotillion Blog, to honor the women who made this baby happen in the first place:

written by the American Princess...

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