August 07, 2005

President Saleh and the Iraqis

Yemen's President is very good at manipulating the media and the West. Just today, President Saleh pulls out three Iraqi guys, in jail without lawyers for two years, and puts them on trial to demonstrate his continuing cooperation in the WOT.

What the media is failing to note is that Yemen actively recruited Saddams generals after the fall of Baghdad and many are currently active in Yemen's military. Further, there have been reports that "Yemen is home to training camps for exiled members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party....the camps are run by subversive (al-Qaeda) elements from Yemen's secret services." Further the top Yemeni Shia cleric said that Saddams generals in the Yemeni military "encouraged Saleh to kill Shiias in the country as did Saddam in Iraq." And apparently he took that advice, as the slaughter in the Saada region has been termed a jihad by Sistani, and according to witness testimony, its very damned bloody. So I'm not saying the three Iraqis are guilty or innocent, I'm just saying its no indication of cooperation in the WOT, although its designed to look that way.


Posted by Jane at August 7, 2005 07:28 AM