August 23, 2005

What Is It About Boots?

cdeneuve2.jpg What is it about women and boots anyway? There is something arresting about them. A woman in a pair of black leather boots seems suddenly commanding and confident: a pair of white patent boots summons visions of high school cheerleaders or the all-American girl next door. A pair of fawn suede boots make you think of that doe-eyed brunette you knew in high school and a certain long walk in the forest. Whatever it is, they definitely attract notice - and admiration.

All eyes follow the lady in the clicking heels as she walks to the podium. She doesn't have to pause to quiet the room - she has your attention long before she begins to speak. Boots are a bit of silent theater. An opening gambit in the game of sexual politics. And speaking of theater and politics, the ladies of the Cotillion have plenty of both for you this week. Your hostesses this week are yours truly, Emily of The American Princess , Holly of Soldiers' Angel, and Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog.

Who can forget Condi Rice's killer entrance in those to-die-for black boots? Without saying a word, she owned that crowd. Was I the only one who heard that old Nancy Sinatra classic playing in the back of my head?

These boots are made for walkin' And that's just what they'll do One of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you

MaxedOutMama walks all over hypocritcal American Christians in this post: is fascinating that Hamas is most extreme in its statements to a European audience and most moderate in its statements to a group of Arab journalists. This highlights the awful nature of what the mainline US churches have done in announcing disinvestment in Israel. What irresponsible fools they are.

Something tells me you do not want to make this lady angry. But life is not all about serious matters. Someone has to think of fun and games:


Our resident VP in charge of Hot Tub Issues, Little Miss Attila, has me doing some California dreamin':

Suddenly the three guys I'm with are talking about how maybe instead of marrying women, they should all have simply married each other way back when. "Linguistics Guy would cook, and Scanmaster would do the dishes. I'd read Steinbeck, and pitch in with a little light housework, plus childcare duties. It would have worked out great," Mahatma sighs.
I could have pointed out that they would all have been living an unacceptable, zero-booby lifestyle, but it would have been too easy. Instead, I proclaim "I can see the romantic appeal, but which one of you would have produced human eggs?"

I'll bet after that intro, you're dying to find out what is going on out there...

hof-nancy.jpgNo one does a tart rejoinder like Nancy Sinatra, so who better to lead into Charmaine Yoest's snappy Able Danger post than the Queen of Go-Go Boots herself?


re: Able Danger and the Importance of Mileage Reimbursements

Note to all supervisors: Hell hath no fury like someone whose mileage reimbursement is rejected.

Because sometimes it’s easier not to sweat the small stuff....

Lennons.jpg Merri of MerriMusings is celebrating a victory over the ACLU that seems as all-American as the Lennon Sisters:

A decision to have a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from property adjacent to a park in my hometown of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, has been reversed by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The monument was a gift from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and has been in place since 1966. It is good that some common sense still exists in the good old U.S. of A., and in my old stomping grounds! The citizens of Plattsmouth must be really happy to see that the ACLU didn't prevail in this case!

KaitiGarbi018.jpgRightThinkingGirl this week is... well... not a girl. At least I don't think so... But it's a great post, and besides we suspect you'll be so busy looking at Kaiti in her boots you'll never notice... shhhh....:

It is an irrefutable fact that Saddam Hussein used WMD in the past, most notably on the Kurds. His worst attack was on March 16th 1988 when the chemical attack ordered by Saddam killed 5,000 innocent victims in Halabja. Whatever President Bush's failings as a leader, he did not lie about WMD. Democrats and Republicans alike agreed on that much in the weeks, months, and years leading up to the March 20, 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

RightWingSparkle is Popeblogging...

We seem to have forgotten a simple gesture that I was taught as a child....kindness. We need to be kind to those we disagree with. We cannot reach out and change anyone's mind without kindness. Pope John Paul knew that. When he died I was shocked at how the liberal media gushed over him. I mean he was conservative as they come. He would never back down on any strongly held moral belief and no one in the liberal media agreed with one thing he believed in, yet they liked him. Why? Because he was kind.

bbardot2.jpg Stacy at NotADesperateHousewife is in a snarky mood:

Dear Mr. President,

I recently filled up my gas tank at a local station and was disheartened with the high prices. I have just one question at this time Mr. President:


And closing up our high-heeled Cotillion this week we get to hear from the military side of the house. Holly Aho went to the airport....

Summary? Um...well, a day that included greeting soldiers off the plane from Iraq here for 15 day leave, visiting Kyle at the VA, and all in all, a weird wacky day that turned out to be a great one.

And Beth from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy talks about how those who oppose the war can really support the troops:

I am not “pro-war” and neither is the military or the President or anyone else. Nobody wants our country to have to go to war and see fellow Americans have to go fight.

…forget those spitters. Actively support those in uniform instead. Send letters, adopt a soldier, send a care package, donate money to a military relief organization, volunteer at the USO or Family Support Center or something. Previous generations did that during World War II and other wars–everyone sacrificed, not just military and their families.

For those who are against the war but say they support the troops: the right way to support the troops is by doing the above. Doing any of that will not prolong the war or elect more Republicans (since that’s obviously your point). It simply shows that you do actually care about those men and women serving.

What is it about those boots, anyway?


Step into the silence
Take it in your own two hands
And scatter it like diamonds
All across these lands
Blaze it in the morning
Wear it like an iron skin
The only things worth living for
Are innocence and magic - amen

We were born with our eyes wide open
So alive with wild hope
Now can you tell me why
Time after time
They drag you down
Down in the darkness deep
Fools in their madness all around
Know that the light don't sleep

Know that the light don't sleep...

Never forget the debt we owe.

You can still help. Please do your part - they've done theirs.

- Cassandra

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Posted by Cassandra at August 23, 2005 12:42 AM

Dang, absolutely outstanding job! Very impressive indeed. You should be very proud of yourself. Standing ovation! And huge hugs to you lady.

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Posted by: charmaine at August 23, 2005 08:30 AM

Thank you ladies. You guys are always so nice :)

Posted by: Cassandra at August 23, 2005 09:43 AM

Wow. Thank you. What a clever way to weave all our narratives together.

Posted by: Attila Girl at August 23, 2005 10:40 AM