August 22, 2005

It's Time for the Cotillion - Military Style!

It's time for the Cotillion Ball and I get to be a host this week! In honor of our female troops I've decided to do a Cotillion Ball themed with smart, sexy, strong women like our ladies in the Cotillion.

42-15114520.jpg Speaking of smart, tough women ready to defend, Deb at the blog TFS Magnum has a post titled "Overcoming Stereotypes and Promoting Self-defense". Deb informs us of the Pink Pistols, a group dedicated to ending violence through legal self-defense.

Speaking of our US military, Sissy has a great post about Elvis, a war veteran himself! Sissy explains in her post titled, 'Elvis: The most effective American anti-Communist ever?' why "If Pete Seeger was 'the most effective American Communist ever,' as Howard Husock claims, then Elvis -- who died 28 years ago yesterday -- may have been, as Glenn Reynolds implies in 'The King of Anti-Fascism,' the most effective American anti-Communist ever."

The American Princess fills us in on our Commander and Chief, President Bush, and one woman that makes the rest of us look bad, Cindy Sheehan, in her post The Man I Know. This is a post with a different take on the go check it out!


Beth, at her blog Yeah, Right, Whatever, also has an excellent post titled 'Protecting the Victims'. Another good post about women with guns, Beth informs us of a new North Carolina law that will require domestic abuse victims be informed by the court of how to apply for concealed weapon.

Cassandra at Villainous Company has an excellent post, titled 'Clarence Page's Feelings', about our troops, some fallen heroes you should learn more about, and a challenge to highlight these troops by our MSM instead of individuals like Sheehan. Go read her post and learn more about these amazing military men and why we call them heroes. She asks us, "When do we get to talk about the war? The parents of the fallen who are not bitter and angry? Americans who support the administration? 9/11 families who don't blame President Bush? Those who have served or died in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are these voices not allowed to speak? Or doesn't the Bill of Rights apply to those who spend their lives defending it? Perhaps it is not President Bush who needs to listen."

Finally, Mary at the Townhall has a few thoughts about Social Security. She says, "People keep saying Social Security reform is dead. If so, I’m here to poke it with a stick. Call me crazy, but I see signs of life." Go find out why!

Want more? Go check out the other hosts of this week's Cotillion, The American Princess, Villainous Company, Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho & The Bad Hair Blog, or read it at the Cotillion blog!

Posted by Holly Aho at August 22, 2005 11:42 PM