September 20, 2005

The Cotillion Ball - I'm a Host Again!

Man oh man, I'm trying to get my Cotillion post up all nice and pretty and my computer has become as slow as my brain at 4am. I'm thinking the only way to make it faster is to throw it out the window (at least it'd move faster for about 3 seconds). In any case, here is my post for the Cotillion Ball...enjoy while I'm off to get some coffee and Tylenol! (And in case you were curious about the picture choices and their theme...they are all miniature paintings that have been sent to our troops in Iraq)

The posts from the ladies this week seem to be more hard hitting than usual, with lots of well written posts on politics, war and crisis. Our first post is from Darleen's Place, where she tackles the recently controversial topic of ‘God’ in the Pledge. She brings up three major points that need addressing.

Spirit of Texas - for a Texas Soldier

Next up is Dr. Sanity, analyzing current events in Iraq and The War About the War. This is such a well written and in depth post that you need to go read the whole thing - a summary doesn't do it justice!

Double Play - for the sports fan in Iraq

e-Claire decides to tackle some New Orleans drama with a doctored photo. The disasters just keep on comin' for po' ol' New Orleans; Claire gives a window on the most recent...cannot be described - must go see!

Bad Hair Day - to cheer up this soldier

Fistful Of Fortnights decides to tackle one of the two things we cannot escape (death and taxes) in this post - Tax Cuts for the Rich! It's politics mixed with a hurricane in a post that takes care of both!

Northwoods Cabin - for the soldier missing home

Florida Cracker has a post that will have you running for the hills in describing this "imminent threat" predator that has no natural enemies (no it's not a Liberal). Read all about the New Invaders Scare Locals, Eat Wildlife, Cats over at her blog.

Good Joke - just funny and cute

Girl on the Right has a post title Faithless, which after reading the hard hitting posts above you might need to read and see where you fall in the discussion. RightGirl is having a crisis of faith. Or is the crisis yours?

Fisherman - for the soldier missing the sport

And last but certainly not least, Sondrak has a wonderful post about a person who puts Cindy S to shame. It's a personal story about family and troop support that will have you grabbing a tissue. A must read.

Huh?!? - for the soldier who missed his kids

That's it for me. Want more? Check out the other Cotillion hosts:
Me - Soldiers Angel - Holly Aho
Fistful of Fortnights

Posted by Holly Aho at September 20, 2005 01:16 PM

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