September 22, 2005

Late but always great edition

Fistful of Fortnights, Sondra K, and Soldier's Angel Holly hosted a wonderful ball Tuesday... but we suspect our other hostess has been held hostage away from a computer in her new tropical paradise home. Oh, yes, the horror: Sunshine, beaches and too many luaus to be bothered to do ;)

But since it's always a great time to have another party...

I am proud to present:


Most of everything we do revolves around time. Time is wasted. Time is used. We're late. Early. There's never enough time. So what do the Cotillion girls say about time this week?

Some people are never on time. Like "el presidente" of Venezuela. Who Fausta from the Bad Hair Blog says is completely out of date when he says that the US is planning to invade Venezuela.

Hugo Chávez thinks the US is going to invade Venezuela any time now, but what he doesn't seem to realize is that he's been talking about a military training excercise from a quarter of a century ago.

Cassandra of Villainous Company makes a great point that waiting for everyone to agree only causes delay,delay,delay.

All notions of right and wrong, all questions of individual loyalty, conscience, or duty are subordinated to the value-neutral tyranny of Mass Agreement. It does not, after all, matter to what we all agree so long as we all do agree. The fact that we all agree (though this chimeric state has almost no chance of actually occurring) guarantees that we have done the Right Thing. How can it not be the right thing? After all, have we not all agreed that it is so?


Using your time wisely is always important. As Mary Katherine Ham can tell you. She admonishes Dianne Feinstein for not using her allotted time wisely when questioning John Roberts.

Dianne Feinstein does her darndest to look silly by spending most of her allotted time asking about toads and women jokes...Lesson to be learned: asking a Supreme Court nominee about a lawyer joke and a toad does not make one look like a formidable senator. Prospective Round 2 Question from Feinstein:

"So, Judge Roberts, let's go over this one more time. Because you will be taking a life appointment on this all-important bench, I simply must insist that you explain to me one more time--what is it that comes after "knock, knock" and what are the implications of that on Roe v. Wade?"

Another person who could learn to use their time more wisely, like in a mental institution is Cindy Sheehan. Beth from Yeah, Right, Whatever points out some of her more absurd statements regarding Katrina and the evacuation of New Orleans:

..."When I reflect on how the mother of the imbecile who is running our country said that the people who are in the Astrodome are happy to be there, it angers me beyond comparison. The people in LA who were displaced have nice, if modest homes that are perfectly fine. I wonder why the government made them leave at great expense and uproot families who have been living in their communities for generations." Perfectly fine? Those people who went to the Astrodome were happy to be there... they had NOTHING left in NOLA. Their homes are GONE.


In the make sure to take the time to read these category:

Merri Musing takes on the case of the 21 year old and his "child" bride who is just 14 years old. They began when she was just 12. As Merri states,"What lessons do we teach kids when we file a restraining order because we know that an adult and a child should not be having sex and then turn around and "bless" a marriage because the sex resulted in a pregnancy? Isn't our obligation as parents to teach our children right from wrong?"

Holly of Soldier's Angels offers a beautiful video tribute of 9/11.

I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news on September 11, and I remember watching the news as the horror unfolded. But that is not a good enough retrospective look. Yesterday, reading Michelle Malkin's post and the posts at the Mudville Gazette, the story hit me anew. And so I sat down to make a video, to ensure I never forget.

The Anchoress offers comfort and a tribute of the life of the ultimate mother, Mary.

But that is what a mother does. She reassures. She works for her family. She serves. She carries on and carries forward, doing the things that need to be done. Even if all the while, her heart is pierced with a sword of deep and lasting sorrow.

The American Princess gives us the latest information regarding the "Michael Newdow" pledge allegiance issue.

Michael Newdow, nutty plaintiff extraordinaire, acting as a lawyer for two California women (who apparently have their sights set on making certain that their children never hear "God" ever in their lives), has had a modicum of success in his never-ending question to get the Pledge of Allegiance the heck out of public schools. And the Federal District Court in California played right into their hands.


And finally time to face the music:
Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum
says with the internet and the information out there about you, there is "nowhere to hide."
You cannot disappear anymore. This women moved away, changed her name and SSN, and was easy to find for $25. The online databases have every piece of information about you down to your habbits. (How do you think they detect credit card fraud?)

You cannot run from your troubles but must be prepared to face them.

The time to face is your problems is now.

Carol of The Gray Tie says there is no time to blame. Find out from her about personal responsibility and how the president hates white women...

President Bush most certainly did not come down here before I was widowed to make sure that I had everything arranged and in place, like wills and insurance and papers in order, and to help prepare me for the awful, chilling and unsettling, but inevitable fate that was awaiting me. Bush hates me and it's all his fault.

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Better late than never...right? :)

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