September 23, 2005

The Opposition Novak

This one is also in the official paper al-Wahda. What happened here is one of the trolls emailed me that I'm an opposition journalist, so I wrote back with a link to a 2003 article I published in the Saudi paper the Arab News, just to clarify the issue for them, because they are such idiots. This article says (suddenly, shockingly, light bulb) people should read what I wrote about non-Yemen topics.

In this one I am anti-Arab which is a little funny. It says I am known for my bent against the Palestinians. It says I am a liar and I called Palestinians killers. I'm almost tempted to pull out that 2003 article that calls for civilian immunity for both Palestinian civilians and Isreali civilians.

So thats very good. I pulled off a hat trick this week, and not one of them says I'm a Yemeni man in disguise. Maybe people should know what I wrote about non-Yemen topics because I spent the last two years advocating for the rights, protection, and empowerment Sudanese, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, and yes Palestinian peoples. I have written about free speech, religious pluralism, and civilian immunity from both terrorists and governments. I've only been heavily focused on Yemen for six months.

Also from this week in the Yemeni governmental newspapers:

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Posted by Jane at September 23, 2005 12:03 PM