October 11, 2005

Losing my virginity, at the ball

This is my first time hosting the Cotillion Ball, at North American Patriot and I feel like a virgin on a date with Hugh Hefner -- Certain to be dirty and disheveled by the end of it!  All I can say is -- It's ok.  I like it rough!  ::wink::

So on to the task at hand...

Maybe it's because I've never done it before, but I have found it very difficult to pin down a prevailing theme in this weeks posts.  I have poured over all of them, but can't seem to come up with a subject that properly does justice to the fine contributions that I received, from these lovely debutantes.  In the interest of covering for my apparent literary incompetence, I will chalk it up to the fact that we have such a diverse and talented group of ladies, that it would be impossible to group them based on anything more than intelligence and class and a fierce streak of patriotism.

Another trait we share, is a low tolerance for bullsh*t.  Which brings me to the introduction of Kittypeek our newest debutante:  The ferocious and fractious feline, Romeocat.  Making her coming-out appearance at the Cotillion with back-to-back catfights, taking on the masochists who are pushing for International Law, to protect the voting rights of (don't laugh now) convicted criminals  and coming back with a sharp-clawed swipe at the Quagmire crybabies --

Yup. We're killing or incapacitating the terrorists, the enemy is in severe disarray, citizens are stepping forward to help make their country safe and free, the Iraqi government is getting closer and closer to a proper constitution...

Uh-huh. Sure sounds like a "quagmire" to me - NOT!

Meow!  That cat's got fangs! Welcome Romeocat -- Finally, someone I have seniority over!

Cryingbaby_1 And speaking of crybabies...A trip to Darleen's Place provides a harsh chiding to the blubbering buffoons -- Mary Mapes, Dan Rather and Al Gore (who doesn't really blubber, but is definately a buffoon!)  and gives it a proper billing:  'Truth and Doody'.  I have noticed that whenever these 3 open their mouths, there is a scant helping of the one and a preponderance of the other.

In this instance, Mapes and Rather decry the expectation of - you know - accuracy and integrity, in their work.  They are only mere mortals, after all.  They can't be expected to verify information, before they splash it across the front page.  Besides...The memos were "fake but accurate", right?  Well, Darleen isn't letting them get away without a well-deserved spanking!

Now, Rather's erstwhile producer and conspirator, Mary Mapes, is coming to the Psychotic's Picnic with a book to explain how she been done wrong. See, dear reader, the fault does not reside within her, it resides within bloggers...

Love the superscript in Rather's name...Maybe if he sees it often enough, he'll be able to recognize it without having to ignore the opinions of a half-dozen experts!

Of course, the phenomenon of pompous journalism isn't a new one.  This point is brilliantly articulated by the splendid sisu with her examination of A half-century-long era of haughtiness and Hollywood's fresh indictment of the McCarthy era, through the release of George Clooney's newest pic "Good Night, and Good Luck".  It is clearly intended to demostrate the virtues of the truth-seeking media, in the face of an oppressive and spiteful government, but my impression is that (based on it's timing) it amounts to nothing more than an excusal of the media's most recent debacles with subjective truths.  It would seem that sisu agrees...


The irony of Murrow quotations is striking to those of us not in thrall to the Bush=McCarthy meme:

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law.

As Hugh Hewitt said last week as the malpractice of MSM coverage of post Katrina spilled out -- blogged here -- "If the combined forces of old media couldn't get one accurate story out of the convention center, why for a moment believe it can get a story out of Mosul or Najaf?

However one might feel about Edward R. Murrow's stand against the McCarthyites, you have to give him one thing...He would have dropped dead, before he ever would have openly wept, on-camera, because the other kids were picking on him!  Ya, Dan...I mean you.

Cindy1_1 As if this weren't enough, The Gray Tie hangs out the freshly-minted professional crybaby, Ciiiiiiiiiiiindy Sheehan and her new bosom buddy -- The king of the on-stage howls, Howard Dean, brilliantly pointing out that for all their talk about the sacrifice that Cindy has made, there is nary a mention of the supreme sacrifice made, by Casey...Remember him?  Who could blame you, if you don't.  It's not like this has EVER been about him, after all...

So the next time you use the word sacrifice in a sentence you'd better be speaking of Army Spc. Casey Sheehan.

Well, I wouldn't count on it.  It might distract from the message that Israel is perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians, dontcha know...

And on the topic of messages, the other Beth encourages us to send some out to old friends, with whom you've lost contact.  We all get so busy, that we put off and forget some of the people who have made such an impact, on our lives.  They fade from our memories, with rare flickers of recollection...

Don't just wonder. Pick up the phone. Write the letter. Send the e-mail. You never know when you will be out of time.

And speaking of old friends...She serves up a double helping with a nod of appreciation to the brilliant advertising dudes at Subway, who decided to reward the betrayal of one-time friend, France, with a little product dedication...


Well, Subway backed away from the controversy with some lame explanation for the ad campaign, but I suspect there was not a small amout of tongue-in-cheek involved.  I'm with Beth...This just makes their food taste that much better!

Pray_1 However when it comes to appreciating fine cuisine, nobody can come close to the wee Zane, at Denita's house when he put his own ::ahem:: personal finishing touch on the recitation of Grace, at the dinner table.  I definitely have to put a *snort* alert on this one.

Having 3 beautifully uncouth children myself, I have often found it difficult to stifle my laughter when they burst out (so to speak), with such honesty!

I look forward to hearing about any variations he might add, to the Lord's Prayer, in church...

And last, but most assuredly not least -- Paying homage of a different kind, fabulous fellow Canadian, Right Girl chronicles her trip to The Cradle of America. 

Part I focuses on the glorious display of patriotism in the field in Pennsylvania, where Flight 93 crashed.  Based on the pictures she provides (lots and lots of pictures!), I would have to agree with her...

It's obvious why there shouldn't be a giant tribute to Islam put up here, but personally, I do not feel that any government memorial is necessary. There is a chaotic outpouring of love and admiration that has been put in place, by the people, for the people. Some tendered "arty" or "cultural" monument to the bravery of those passengers would spoil everything.

Moving on to Part II, I felt a touch of envy seeing her smooching with George Bush and walking amongst the many symbols of freedom on display within Washington D.C.  I share her reverence for these monuments to freedom, and I admire her patriotism for a country which she may only visit (for now), but which exemplifies all the qualities she values...Those qualities are what make America the birthplace of freedom. 

That she was able to see and touch the concrete examples of it's honorable history, makes me furiously jealous -- and I am going to have to take it out on her, later!

Until then, I felt it fitting to end the ball with the one picture that sums up the sentiment of all who've come before...


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Hon, if this is your FIRST try at hosting, something tells me you'll be begged back onto the stage for an encore real soon! Good work! :-)

Glad you liked my linky. Zane's such a comical kid, it's hard to narrow all the funny stories I have down to just a few. Otherwise I'd never leave the computer all day!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at October 11, 2005 11:04 AM