October 11, 2005

King of Cotillion?

It's Tuesday, so that means it's Cotillion Day!

Instead of doing a huge carnival, we're having a smaller--but no less spectacular--one today, hosted for the first time by A North American Patriot, one of our newest Cotillion bloggers! Go read! And go say hello to our newest member, Romeocat from CathouseChat, too.

OK, on with what y'all have been waiting for over the last week! :mrgreen:

Time for the Inaugural Edition of our own Blogger Babes competition for

King of Cotillion

So without further ado, let's ogle the nominees! See the bottom of the post for further details.

(most photos can be clicked for full-size)

B.C., Imperial Torturer
(The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)

Hardcore Conservative


Retired Geezer (Blog Idaho) with his wife
(and someone you might know in the middle)

Bullwinkle (Random Numbers)

Mark (Mark My Words)

Hubris (cheater!!)

Timmer (The Daily Brief)

Gregg (Impacted Wisdom Truth)

Casey (The Gantry Launchpad)

Patriot Xeno (Right Hand of God)

Citizen Grim (Right Hand of God)

Alan Woody (Woody's News & Views)

Xavier (Xavier Thoughts)

Jay (Stop the ACLU) - with family

Masked Menace (Villainous Company, sorta)

Thunder6 (365 and a Wakeup)

Rick (Brutally Honest)

Please vote over in the sidebar at my site or one of the other Cotillion member sites. You may PICK MORE THAN ONE, but don't be ridiculous and click every single one, OK? ;-)

Next Tuesday, we will have FINALISTS, at which point you can vote again. This vote, again, is for the FINALISTS. Get it? Next Tuesday, you'll be doing the final vote for King of Cotillion!

Blogger Babes, please tell your readers to come over and vote! The polls will be up at multiple Cotillion blogs, so if it's not at your favorite one, come back here (of course, I am your favorite anyway, right???)

The prize: Bragging rights, massive and multiple linky love, and what the hell, I (Beth) will toss in a free Blogad for two weeks if you want it.

Voting this week ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT around midnight (CST) or something. I keep stupid hours, so it could be 4am, for all I know.

A million zillion thanks to the guys for participating--this has already been a lot of fun! Y'all are extremely Kool for playing! :mrgreen: xoxoxoxo!

Posted by Beth at October 11, 2005 05:30 PM