December 03, 2005

Terrorism and the Yemeni Street

The Yemen Times interviewed a random sample of Yemeni people on the topic of terrorism:

We met Hosnia Al-Mikhlafi, a mother. She said, ‘How do these people think that they are Muslims while they terrorized innocent people. They killed infants on the laps of their mothers. If Bin Laden and Zarqawi think that this is jihad, they should be resisted till we get rid of their evil deeds. If they are caught, they should be stoned as people do to the devil in the pilgrimage.

Mohamed Abdulla Saeed, an employee, said, ‘Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of terrorist bombings and we offer our condolences to the victim’s families. We denounce this distasteful action and vow to do what ever is necessary to fight terrorism because it is against humanity, civilization and religion. Al-Zarqawi and Bin ladin who often claim responsibility after each operation, are only subvert, killers and criminals. They should be punished as followers of the devil.

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