December 03, 2005

Dissenters will be silenced

I never thought I'd be linking to a story at Rabble, but...

Yves Engler, a member of Haiti Action Montreal and a frequent contributor to, is being kept in jail over the weekend after he disrupted a speech by the Prime Minister Thursday morning shouting "Paul Martin lies, Haitians die."

Crown prosecutors refused to grant his release when Engler appeared in court Friday, 30 hours after being detained. He will be in court again Monday.

"Keeping someone in jail for at least four days because he heckled a politician during an election campaign is completely outrageous," said Nikolas Barry-Shaw, spokesperson for Haiti Action Montreal. "Has shouting at a politician become a crime in Canada?"

The rules of the New Canada: Keep your mouth shut, and don't badmouth the Liberals.

Whatever Engler's politics, heckling at a political press conference during an election campaign is hardly reason to be thrown in the clink.

"It's a strange world when Conrad Black is accused of stealing $80 million but has spent no time behind bars, while I heckled the Prime Minister and get locked up for at least four days."
Yes, but Mr. Engler, how much has the Liberal government stolen? They are not in jail, either. Posted by RightGirl at December 3, 2005 07:19 PM